New Orleans: Tips, Trips, and Must-sees

As a Florida girl I know heat but New Orleans… that’s a different kind of heat. Here are some tips, tricks and must-see spots when you visit.

  1. Depending on how long your trip is pack at least two outfits for every day. The entire mood really shifts from day to night and if you spent most of the day outside sweating in that one outfit you won’t want to wear it for nighttime festivities.
  2. Shorts, skirts, dresses, and light weight shirts are your best friend. I brought one pair of pants with me that were deeply distressed/ ripped, and they still felt too hot to be worn day or nighttime.
  3. Plan a tour. Doesn’t matter what kind of tour but this will get you to explore more and learn about the history of the city so go on one. My friends and I were fortuned enough to have one included in our package deal and met the amazing Ms. Denise who is one of the best story tellers if I ever met one. She does a few different tours but you can check her out on trip advisor business name Our Sacred Stories.
  4. If you are like me and a little thick in the thighs purchase this stick called Body Glide For HER. I found it at my local Target, and it is designed to prevent chaffing and trust me you want this because there is a lot a lot of walking involved. It is shaped like deodorant and rubs on in the same manner. It works and my thighs rejoiced.
  5. Bring comfortable walking shoes. If you take nothing from this, please take away this point simply because I don’t want your trip to be ruined because you didn’t bring a good pair of shoes. I myself brought a pair of tennis shoes and two pairs of sandals because that is what I prefer. If you prefer walking around in 7-inch heels and can do it comfortable for multiple hours a day Do You Boo! I am not one of those people.
  6. Bring Cash. While there may be an ATM on almost every corner in the French Quarter it may not be to your bank so bring cash. Many places only accept cash and it can be convenient for that quick stop in the souvenir shop.
  7. Visit Café Du Monde . It is actually located at the end of what is considered the French Quarter but in my opinion some of the best beignets I had the entire trip especially when fresh. They are open 24 hours if that gives you any indication of how good it is and how desired.
  8. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. While it might not feel like the sun is beating down on you it is. The humidity can account for a good portion of how hot it feels in New Orleans, but you want to protect yourself none the less. A big floppy hat can help shield you from the sun, sunglasses to protect your eyes and sunscreen because who doesn’t need protection from the sun rays?
  9. Get a transportation pass. Again, this item came with our package deal but was so handy. We received a three-day transportation pass that was not only good for the bus but the street cars as well. This worked out well for us because there is not a lot of parking available so rented a car seemed pointless. Also the streets are always packed when the hustle and bustle, taking public transportation was safer than trying to get an Uber or Lift (If you think Floridians drive bad visit New Orleans you will love us after)
  10. Experience the food they have to offer. Our entire trip we tried something new. I mean we did eat Popeyes one day but except to the rule ok! One of our favorite stops was Coterie NOLA. We found it on a whim after two other locations had hour long wait times and fell in love. Everyone’s favorite? The Pancakes because they literally melted in your mouth.
  11. Visit Bourbon street. It is the fun-loving hub of the French Quarter and you can find any and everything to eat or drink along with street entertainment. During the day it is calm but at night when the lights come on it’s a different experience entirely.
  12. What made our trip so amazing during Essence Festival no less was that we planned. We worked on this trip for a year purchases a package deal for our hotel and events. Arranged our travel arrangements and saved. This gave us the ability to have fun and not stress about money as much or what we could or would do day to day.

All in all, it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to plan another one. So, use these tips as a guide not what to live by and get out there. As a person who took her first plan ride to enjoy this experience trust me it was so worth it.

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