Instapot Spaghetti: Straight forward directions

Here are some straight forward direction of how to make spaghetti in your instapot. I get it making it long and giving history helps keep people on your page but I just scroll past it and you do to soo here we go.

What you need

  1. 1 lb. of meat of choice ( I had ground beef)
  2. spaghetti sauce ( 1-2 jars depending)
  3. Seasons for meat ( salt, pepper, etc.)
  4. 1 box Pot size spaghetti noodles( you can buy regular as well)
  5. Instapot (duh)

How to

  1. Take raw meat add to instapot and turn instapot on sauté. It has an auto time set for 30 minutes depending on the amount of meat may be done before then. Use a spatula or large spoon to stir meat and break up to ensure it is cooked thoroughly and browned all over.
  2. Remove from heat and turn off. Drain the excess grease from the meat. You can remove meat entirely and clean pot for extra measure.
  3. Return meat to pot and place back in instapot base.
  4. Add noodles. Break in half if needed to fit in pot as you want them to lay flatly across the meat not sticking up.
  5. Add your sauce to cover the noodles. Be sure noodles are covered completely with liquid, you can add 1/2 cup of water if needed.
  6. Place Instapop secure lid on top and close valve.
  7. Manually turn on instapot for 10 minutes and allow to cook.
  8. Once the timing goes off release the valve and allow steam to release before removing lid.
  9. Remove lid and stir to be sure noodles are cooked thoroughly. ( if not you can replace lid and add more time in increments of 5)
  10. Plate and Enjoy










Instapot will stay on in warm setting after until turned off completely so sides may be warm to the touch. keep children out of reach and don’t forget to press the off button.


Hopes this helps and was quick and easy. If you found this from Pinterest don’t forget to pin the post and follow Niftymama for more quick and easy recipes.

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