Traveling with kids: Packing Tips

Do you ever get confused on what to pack when traveling with your kiddos? I remember when we first started traveling and planning overnight stays with the kids and it was a little rough.

                    I packed everything!

No seriously I feel like I used to pack the entire house for the shortest trip. But since then I’ve gotten much better. So I wanted to keep it really simple for you guys. First off unless you just have to have that $300 luggage set don’t do it! Yes they are pretty and cute and can match your outfit for when you fly out but they all pretty much function the same way. They carry your stuff and keep it secure. Head to your nearest Walmart, Target, or better yet TJMaxx and grab you a dual set that comes with a large suitcase and a small one. They can be compacted into each other when not in use as well which helps save space. If you need some help check out my Like To Know It link for some suggestions

Here’s my general check list when packing for my kiddos for a 3 day 2 night trip


  1. Pack 1 more outfits than you need(These can be spare clothes or for change in weather)
  2. Two pairs of pjs
  3. A light jacket
  4. Double the amount of underwear
  5. Travel toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, flossers, q-tips, etc)
  6. A Stuffy( stuff animal of their choice)
  7. Lotion
  8. Body wash
  9. Two pairs of swimwear
  10. Beach/Pool Towels (don’t have to worry about walking back to hotel cold)

A few extra things we like to bring would be specific to where we are going like mickey ears, lanyards, and bookbags. I also love to bring a travel bag to carry all my essentials while we a roaming around included that spare pair of shorts/undies just in case the kiddos have an accident.


Hope these are helpful. Let me know in the comments anything you found essential while traveling with your littles.



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