I want a ticket too! The preschool pass

Do you have a preschooler who wants to do everything their siblings or bigger kids are doing? My son is all about being included. If his sister has to go through a turn style he wants to go through it too. If I have sunglasses he needs sunglasses too. It’s cute because he wants to be treated like a big boy, like everyone else. Well, we decided to go to Wild Adventures a few weeks back and they have a great way for him to feel included and save our family a few bucks as well.

The Pre-school pass

The pre-school pass is for children ages 3-5 and it’s free. What that means is they get free admission to the park for the season with their pass. The only hook is you have to register your child online and visit the park before the end of May to activate it so you know get a move on.

This was so helpful because in previous years my son has become upset when we go on adventures and have to scan our tickets but he doesn’t have one to scan. Now with the pre-k pass, he gets his pass holder card with his picture on it that he gets to flash every time we go.


He and his cousin were so excited throughout the whole process and couldn’t wait to show the person at the ticket scanner their passes to get into the park. Plus side the process is pretty easy. Once you register your child online here you will receive an email confirmation and only need to bring proof of your child’s age when you arrive at the park for activation. This can be any formal document and can also be provided via email or picture on your phone so you don’t have to worry about carrying sensitive docs around the park all day.

The pre-k activation has its area to the left of the entrance labeled with a big sign on the building and lets your child know they will be getting their picture taken can get them even more excited about all the fun they are about to have.


Guys once we got inside the park my son handed me his pass and I tucked it away safely without another fuss. If you have time you can explore on the website rides perfect for your preschooler to enjoy while at the park. We had a day of fun all thanks to something so simple as giving the smallest party goer their pass to discover the wild.


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