My favorite products for twist outs(thick natural curls)

Ok let’s be honest being or going natural is not for the faint of heart. I accidentally went natural while pregnant with my daughter and never turned back. Now have I glanced or taken a peak umm yeah because this shit is hard work but so is relaxers.

I realized with my hair pattern it was not the same as my friends nor was it the same all over. The only consistency I had was that it was think and a little coarse when dried out. I’ve tried many routines and methods but what it comes down to is the product and product testing. I am one of those people who goes all in though so I have full size products that if they don’t work for me I swap out with my daughter or with my friends because SOMEONE’S GOING TO USE THIS PRODUCT.

Any who below are some of the moisturizers I like to use that give me the best results with little to no flaking(you know what I’m talking about)

1.QUENCHED Hydrating & Twisting Butter | Miche Beauty  I just started using this in combination with their shampoo and deep conditioning and no complaints so far little to no flaking.

2. Pomegranate & Honey Curl Sculpting Custard – A Must-Have Organic Curly Hair Product | Mielle Organics – MIELLE I love this instead of their soufflé because it’s also a gel and gives a little bit more hold and a lot less flaking.

3. Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Don’t Shrink Curling Gel – 15oz : Target  This I use on my daughter’s hair who has a looser curl pattern but also great to add after I finished twisted my hair to give it a little extra hold.


Test these out let me know if any work for you or if you have any other greats finds I haven’t discovered yet.


Happy Curls,


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