Let’s go Wild with Wild Adventures

What is the first theme park you ever went to? Mine well at least the one I can remember was Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. Some of my best memories as a child were from family trips exploring all the rides getting taller and taller until final I could ride everything in the park.


Not too far from home I got to show my kids all the fun adventures I used to have and more.

Did you know Wild Adventures started as a petty zoo because I didn’t! With opening for the season something new is the Ultimate Animal Feeding experience where we had the pleasure of feeding the friendliest giraffe and get our photo taken. The feed comes in a little lunchbox and includes 2 tickets for feeding the giraffes, 2 cups of feed for the birds, alligators, and nature pond, and 1 cup of petting zoo feed. What I liked the most was that the animals were spread around the park so we rode some rides in between feeding the animals.

 Go wild then cool off.

When I was little the park had two water rides but now they have an entire Splash Island . This includes a lazy river and a host of slides and tube rides even for smaller children which for myself with a three year old who thinks he’s ten I appreciated because he got to have fun and not feel like he was stuck in the kiddie area. We didn’t get to explore this area too deeply because the rain decided to outshine the sun but I know as those hot summer days start rolling in we will be back to cool off by taking a dunk on a waterslide of our choosing.

The most important part of going to Wild Adventures? Don’t forget to bring a friend!

It’s so much fun exploring when you have friends to bring along and Wild Adventures is making sure you are safe as well. There were hand washing stations and sanitizer for every ride. At a theme park with roller coasters you can imagine someone might lose their mask (trust me I saw one fly off on the Boomerang) the staff have disposable mask for anyone missing one or in need. On 170 acres the lines are short and you aren’t shoulder to shoulder with anyone making it a great place to social distance and still have fun. Mix all of this with their affordable pricing for day and season passes and you have the making for a great time.


Where will your next adventure take you?




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  1. Love this and whenever we finally travel back to Georgia I will have to check this place out! We’re heading to Austin for an adventure next month!

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