It’s ok to travel( Just be safe)

So here we are.

It’s been a whole year literally since many of us got sent home due to the pandemic.

Rescheduled and then cancelled trips, questions on return to work, not seeing loved ones, teaching through mask and face shields. I know its been a year.

But man did I miss being able to get out the house.

Honestly as colorful as my living room walls are a girl can go stir crazy real quick in here. So we eventually started to venture out. This past week We visited Orlando Florida to hit up one of our favorite places Disney for spring break. Now this isn’t the first time we’ve been since they reopened and it won’t be the last. We decided to keep our annual passes last year so duh!

But we did not stay at a Disney resort hotel this time. We found a neighboring hotel which worked out perfectly for us. But I thought I would provide some tips for traveling during these times.

  1. Wear your mask… I mean this is obvious but just to make sure you understand wear your mask and pack extras! I have a serious addiction to Old Navy mask especially since I can buy a pack for “girl/boy” mask and find at least half I can use for my son or daughter and visa versa.
  2. Pack your own hand sanitizer. Yes There is literally hand sanitizer everywhere these days but don’t get too comfortable always come packing just in case.
  3. Abide by que markers and sign postings. I know it sucks and it feels like everything takes forever but if it says only one family at a time in the elevator. Let them go and catch the next one. And if someone is standing too closely don’t be afraid to ask them to step back or you know give them the stink eye.
  4. Check out local eateries and call around. Some places still have limited seating or limited menu items or even still limited hours. Making sure you have options for meal time is essential.
  5. Don’t get caught up in everything going as planned. We are still in a pandemic hopeful for a turning point but still everything might not be perfect but the adventure is the most important part.
  6. Have fun. It’s been some time. It may not look the same but you can still have fun. At this point we’re all taking mask selfies so who cares.

If you want to know more about how visiting a theme park during a pandemic check out this post about our Disneyworld visit.

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