How to have the perfect beach day

Well I mean a successful beach day at the least.

So a few weeks ago I went on a beach day trip with my best friend and her family. My husband had to work but my daughter had already asked numerous times for a beach day so I said why not! It went pretty well especially with multiple adults to attend the kids, taking turns in and out of the water to make sure everyone was being safe but man was it hot. I mean we live in Florida so no surprise but these last few weeks have been brutal. So I did another impromptu trip this past weekend just the four of us and I think it was a success so I thought I’d share some tips for having a good beach day.

1. Get there early. Sounds silly for wanted a relaxing fun day but its important. This helps you get a good parking spot, not alot of people are present and the sand has not had time to be baked by the sun yet so it won’t scorch you.

2. Beach blankets are life! Well it’s not really a blanket more like a tarp but I purchased it off Amazon and it fits my family pretty well. It comes in a little wristlet bag folds and unfolds easily and has anchors to keep it down. I didn’t have any issues with it holding onto the sand when we got ready to leave and blowing it in the wind.

3. Pack some good heat resistant snacks. We always take a little insulated bag with us for waters and snacks. I learned the hard way when it was just me and my daughter that lunchables are not good for the beach unless kept cool🤪. Naturally we have a few Mickey Mouse insulated bags because I mean have you read any of my other posts? 😂(ours is from the Disney store but naturally Amazon has them as well) Anyway I pack it with ice packs and grab some apple slices, mandarin oranges, and appe sauce. Quick and easy. We tried those keebler elf striped cookies one time….. total mess 🤦🏿‍♀️

4. Take some shade. I mean yes you are going to the beach to enjoy the outdoors, the water and sun but a little shade never hurt. Currently we have a little umbrella from Walmart but we are currently looking into a standing structure like this. I mean with that and our mate we are set for hours!!!

5. Last tip which probably should have been the first or second on the list but still SUNSCREEN. My husband is of the fair skin variety and oh man if he doesn’t have sunscreen I have to hear about it for days sometimes weeks later as the sunburn is fading away. Love him but he’s like a third child in that way. 🙄 Anyway protecting your skin is not a joke while it can be a great say sunburn is not fun for anyone especially littles.

Ok. That’s all I got! While my family did moan and groan when we got the beach they were excited and everyone had a good day. Test it out let me know how it goes. Also any other tips you have that I might not know about add them on.



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