Summer at the Cummer

We got to see the latest exhibit at The Cummer Museum a few weeks ago on opening night. The newest exhibit titled French Moderns: Monet to Matisse 1850-1950 will be on display now until September and open to the public.

It was part of a networking event to encourage families to attend the Museum with little ones in toe. It was a great experience. I myself have been weary about attending art galleries with my children because they like to run around and sometimes yell and fight with each other over simple stuff like leg space or whose holding whose hand. But the New Director and CEO Adam Levine wants kids to be kids

Yes, Art is meant to be observed but it is also subject to interpretation and express so why not let kids express themselves? Our even started with a picnic style dinner in the garden. Since the Cummer has its own restaurant even sweet treats can be provided and consumed in their dining area or in the garden. Just clean up after yourselves no one likes a liter bug. While my daughter and I walked the new exhibit, grandma took the little guy back outside to keep exploring the garden.

We walked the whole exhibit with the group, and I can tell you as parents we were all impressed by how much fun the kids seemed to be having and their opinions and interpretations of art shown in many different mediums. We explored with our eyes, interpreted meaning with our words and reanimated with out bodies. I personally cannot wait to take the kids back and explore other exhibits and even the Art Connections interactive center. At the end of the Directors speech he advised us that for attending we would be getting a free year membership to the Cummer that will also be matched to give an up coming fourth grade student a family membership as well since art is a crucial part of the fourth grade curriculum the museum created family2family. For every family membership purchased valued at around $100 a membership is given away to help lower income families. This alone makes me want to continue to explore the Cummer as it is very much community centered. The Cummer provides art events for children of all ages and adults with their summer camp for elementary and middle school aged children, art connections interactive center, and even art for two events where parents can make artwork with their little one. The Cummer extended operating hours on Tuesday and Friday nights from 4 to 9 pm while also offering free admission during those extended hours to their permanent collections now until September. The Cummer is apart of the Community and has been for nearly 60 years. We love all the great things they are doing and hopefully can continue to do in the community but don’t just take our word for it get out there and see for yourself. You never know what you are missing in your own back yard.

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