Finding Balance…but how?

Finding a balancing between mom life and work life is a lie.

Ok… I’m calling it. You know how everyone says you need to find a healthy balance when you become a mom? Welp I call bullshit. And I mean that whole heartedly. How are we supposed to find a healthy balance between being a mom, employee, wife, friend, daughter, and basic human being?

You can’t well I mean you can eventually, but it takes a lot of work and finding yourself, your strengths and what works for you. This may not work for everyone else so trying to copy someone else’s idea of a balancing act probably won’t work for you. Me personally? Still haven’t found it but I am working on it. I realize a long time ago that writing really about anything helped me distress. I love to write; fiction, non-fiction, anything really. So here I am almost a year after deciding to openly share my life with the world telling you guys, I have yet to find the damn balance. If you could see my house right now depending on how well, you know me you might be shocked. It’s like a mini disaster zone in here. I know moms all over have the same feeling of “I just cleaned this room and now its’s destroyed again” Like what do these tiny humans do? Do they sense that I have a feeling of accomplishment and want to snatch that away? Or do they just prefer to be wherever I am not cleaning so they don’t have to help? For a few months now my mother in law has been coming over 1-2 times a week to help around the house, watch the kids while a workout, really just be there. Guys it’s not enough! Working full time, adjusting to my new role at work, life as a mom/wife of two, trying to find my niche on social media, and honestly determine what I want to do and where I want to be for the rest of my life. I guess I’m still naive in thinking that I can have it all. But Damn It! I want it all.

I want to have fun with my kids, get healthy, workout, excel at work, be a good wife, have a clean home, be happy and duh live my life. Being a successful blogger wouldn’t hurt either 😊

So here I am taking that step. I’ve signed up for a woman’s fitness club, I applied back to college, I’m researching where I want to go next in my career, and dun dun dun I think I’ve found a housekeeper. No I don’t have money like that but if I can have someone clean my entire house at least once a month I can totally make that sacrifice to pay for it and tried to survive the rest of the month without the whole house turning into a war zone again. If I am being totally honestly, I’m not sure who saw me and thought oh yes, she will make a great housewife… jokes on you! (well my husband). I am a strong willed anti-social kind of girl with anxiety to boot. Either I go on a cleaning binge at 3am and get it all done or a lay in the bed with the kids and watch tv all day while the house slowly falls into chaos.

See balance! There it is hidden between all the noise. While my plan isn’t clear cut it is a work in progress and that’s the best I can hope for. Have you found a healthy balance? Are you struggling like me? Or are you just waiting to see where it’s going? It’s ok 😉 We are all in different places and stages in life let’s find the balance together. And if you find it before me…SHARE THE PROCESS. Moms….no woman helping each other is the best thing we can be.

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My name is Seketa, I have a daughter, son and a husband; working a full time job and attending school. This blog is about life as a young mom do's and don'ts and daily struggles hope you enjoy it :)

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  1. Raised more like sister’s, and the best niece ever! Keep doing what you’re doing. To me your an amazing woman all around!!! You’ve always been one smart girl, and I know your grandma is up in heaven cheering you on every step of the way. You will find your way, but don’t rush it. I love you girly 😘

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