Will run for cupcakes(keeping promises to myself)

20190406_083225I did a 5K! Not we did a 5K, I did a 5K!

I’ve done them before but with a group of people or with family. This time was all on my own. I didn’t ask anyone to sign up with me. I didn’t back down when I realized hey! You are doing this alone. I didn’t prepare at all! (bad idea) But I did it. One of my goals for 2019 is to run/walk a 5K every quarter. I missed the first quarter because the race I wanted to sign up for… Well I never signed up and of coarse the week of the race I ended up tweaking my back and could barely move.

Last year I saw an ad about a cupcake run and fun walk and thought why not? Plus, you get a free mini cupcake at the end and I mean who doesn’t want to run for cupcakes? The only other race I’d completed so far was the Sista strut 5K walk to support woman of color who fought or were still fighting the good fight against breast cancer and the walk for Alzheimer’s. This one was close to my heart after watching my grandmother battle cancer and eventually losing her to that fight, but that was a group effort. I wanted to start off small, so I only did the one-mile walk. I loaded up the kids, grabbed my double stroller and packed it with snacks and water. Yes, for a one-mile walk, kids need all the things! We got our first medal for just going a mile! Awesome! Time to sign up for more I told myself but alas I never did. Work and life got in the way and completing runs or walks of any kind got pushed further and further to the back of my mind. But I wanted to make a promise to myself starting this year that I would do better! I would keep the promises I made to myself. I would accomplish goals I set out at the beginning of the year and not forget about that person I wanted to become in January by the time July rolled around.

So here I am writing about how I just finished my first 5k of the year, how my legs burned, and my foot went numb, how I contemplated cutting the corners and ending it earlier when I didn’t think I could go on much longer. How I kept thinking you are seriously crazy for doing this but kept doing it anyway. How I told myself I was going to finish this damn thing in under an hour. And how I did just that! Barely but I did! And how I am already on the look out for the next race I want to sign up for. Researching the reason for my foot numbness and what I can do to resolve it going forward. And when I can get in some more practice running with a stroller because…… that alone almost took me out! My littles are my motivation and I am so happy when they want to tag along. Mom just has to built up her strength and stamina to make it work!

I want them to be proud of who their mom is and see that anything is possible and to never give up on themselves or their goals.

But the same can be said about anything in our lives, right? We must really want it and focus on it to achieve our goals. Another goal of mine is to get in better shape. I want to be around for my kids’ years to come. I want to take adventures with them and not slow them down by my own limitations when they want to reach for the moon and the stars. I want to write more, eat better, smile more, and pursue my dreams. (yes mom you can still pursue your dreams as a mom.. Go out and do it please) So here is my start, here is my step one. Like many of you I’ve seen that meme. I’m ready to start 2019 now! It only took three months but hey better late than, never right?

As always if you guys are local and interesting in races around town check out http://www.1stplacesports.com/ for all your racing needs. Plus, they have a shop for racing gear! Something I will be looking into is running shorts! Leggings are great for winter runs but it’s basically summer here and I need all the breeze I can get!

If you ran this race as well be on the lookout for the follow up email to see if anyone got a good photo of you in all your sweaty glory or check www.gotrnefl.org

And if you think I am silly, motivational, or just want to see what crazy thing my family and I are up to always find us on Instagram www.instagram.com/niftymamablogger


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