New Year Same Me: With added tips and tricks

Ok it’s that time again y’all New Year’s Resolution time! I know I know! We’ve all been there. We are going to make a resolution, we aren’t, resolution is such a harsh word this is a lifestyle change blah blah blah. Welp it is but if it’s such a lifestyle change why do we wait until the new year to start it? Simple really; we trick our minds into think we need to achieve this goal by a certain time and in a certain way and if we don’t or it is not going the way we planned on making it go… We give up. We decide you know this is not my year maybe next year and we push that goal to the back of our minds only to revisit it when Christmas has passed, and the new year is looming over our head yet again.
Well this year like many other people I found Rachel Hollis and joined her last 90-day challenge…. I did ohk. I still found myself using the same excuses I do on a normal basis such as I’m sick, my kids are sick, work is stressful, my house is a mess, it’s the holiday time, etc., etc. But I also found myself showing up for those 8 am pep talks on Instagram, the Sunday, Monday email notifications, scrolling through the made for more Facebook group liking and commenting on posts, and trying to seriously find a time that works best for me to work out in. I asked for help! I set reminders. I told the people that I work with closely everyday the one thing I was trying to give up for 90 days and they even tried to help me be accountable. I cancelled my gym membership and purchased Beachbody through an awesome mom and fitness coach I met through my Instagram journey. I declined most of the offers my husband tried to give me for late night snacks on days he worked. (that was the hardest thing ever!) But I feel like doing all these things just helped to get me in the right mind frame for 2019 not necessarily get me closer to my goals come the end of 2018.
Things I am working towards in 2019:
1. Get more than 5 hours of sleep a night.
2. Workout 30 minutes everyday
3. Get my BMI to a healthy number (Notice didn’t say an exact amount of weight I want to lose)
4. Save money and pay down debt
5. Do something I love (blogging and becoming an instamom)
6. Pass my GK test and enroll in school for my bachelor’s degree
7. Complete at least 1 5k a quarter
8. Have real mom dates
9. Get a new dryer
10. Ask for help when I need it not after I am in over my head.
Ok so to be honest goal number 9 is already completed. My in-laws purchased us a dryer for Christmas. Honestly pretty sure they did this more for the safety of their grandkids as our last dryer seemed to be steaming the clothes more than drying. You guys know that lent tray you are supposed to empty out ever so often? Yeah pretty sure ours at some point and time caught on fire because it was crispy and smelled terrible. Either way a goal achieved is a goal achieved right? Thanks guys seriously appreciate everything you do for the kids and us!!
Back to these goals and how I plan on achieving them. So, like I said the last 90 days of 2018 just helped to put me in the right mindset for 2019 and set up a plan to achieve my goals. First off getting the kids on a schedule. My son is a great sleeper and I am hoping he stays that way I can have him in bed and asleep most of the time before 8:30 but my daughter…. There is crying, bargaining, begging, multiple trips to the bathroom, bedtime stories, and she even sometimes sneaks in our room and just lays down on the ottoman and falls asleep. I thought I had it figured out when time changed but they both quickly figured out it just gets dark earlier, but third time is the charm. If I can get the kids to bed early enough, I can get to bed early myself. Working out has been great I found a time that worked best which is waking up before the house and getting it done! Puts me in a good mood and wakes me up for the day. MY BMI goes hand in hand with working out, so fingers crossed. Saving money is the hard part. I created a savings account and hid it from myself, but I want to do more and save more so writing out my bills and paying them on time or early will help. Spending money on things we need not just things we want will help as well as there is a good portion of our money not accounted for because we spend it on small things that over time add up. Blogging-I mean Hi there lol I love doing this and it’s a great outlet for my creative side. Currently studying for my GK test which is the final step I need before I can enroll in the bachelor’s program to become a teacher. I’ve found a website the allows me to search my town for local races run all the time to find one that works for me. Mom dates or even just friend dates… It takes us a few months to plan and get them together, but they are getting done damn it! But lastly asking for help when I need it. I recently asked my mother in law if she could come over once or twice a week to help with the kids while I accomplish other things such as cleaning, working on custom t-shirts, or just to sleep if I am sick and my husband is working a late shift. I found myself a few months ago feeling bad for going to the gym after work or skipping multiple days because my husband was working, or we forgot to plan for dinner and that was not an excuse when I had someone literally asking me if I needed help and declining all the time. I appreciate her more than she will ever know even if we don’t always see eye to eye or how my kids should be raised or act.
I don’t know where you are in your health, fitness, or life goals but I know this New Year, New You is a lie! It is the same old you just with better resources, better goals, better idea of what is it you want to accomplish with your life. Find what you need to work on and just do it! It’s not going to be perfect, it is not going to look like what you imaged in your head it will be simply you, trying your best to be the best version of yourself that you can be. We all start out as fresh, innocent babies then life gets involved we roll with the punches and hope we come out the other side. Don’t just hope, do it! Make 2019 the year you accomplished just one of those things you set out to do at the beginning. Once you hit that one, try to hit another and another. Your goals never get smaller you just discover more and more what you really want.

Here’s to the new year everyone! Let’s make it happen.


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