Experience the lights: placing to see Christmas Lights in Jackonville and surrounding areas

Last night we were lucky enough to get to experience the Jacksonville Zoolights with friends who are family. They work for a company that orchestrated a whole night to experience the zoo lights before Zoo lights even started. It was pretty amazing and the night was a nice chill not too cold for us Floridians. But it made me think of all the amazing places to see lights this time of year and I figured I could comprise a list.

1. Jacksonville Zoo and Garden: Zoolights

2. St. Augustine: Light the Night

3. Morocco Shrine Center: Jax Illuminations

4. Downtown Dazzle: An Illumination Celebration

5. Jacksonville Beach: Deck the Chairs

8. Christmas Lights at Blackhawk Bluff: Girvin Road( amazing)

9. Southcreek Lights: Radio Station 94.7

10. Holiday Road in Macclenny: Radio Station 92.7

11. Aspen Court: Orange Park: runs every night until 11 PM

If you live around the area and found any other awesome ones please let me know. I’m always down for a good ride and Christmas lights!


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