Do these glasses fit my wallet?

So I finally took the plunge and bought some new glasses. This is a big deal for me because I’ve had the same glasses for over 4 years now. In that time my prescription has not changed and I got contacts so I didn’t see the point in getting new glasses. Well all that changed.

They say after you have a child you need to get everything checked over again because bringing new life into the world takes a lot out of you as a whole. One thing I have not done because I am a huge chicken is gone to the dentist. Y’all the sound of a drill of any kind freaks me out!
If you’ve been following me you know I had a recent scare when it comes to my eye. I ended up having to go back to the eye doctor again to get my eyes checked as it flared up again and got some eye drops for when I wear my contacts and when I don’t as well as a perscription eye drop to use until it cleared up completely. At this point i’d been wearing my contacts off and on and decided instead of getting another year’s worth I might as well get some glasses.
Oh Boy!
I looked around the eye doctor’s office for a pair I might like, talked with the sales person about my options with my insurance and ending up leaving with nothing. The frames themselves were looking at the low end $150 to high end $300. That did not include the lenses! Even with my insurance I was still looking at an out of pocket price ranging around $250. Obviously the better frames and ones I liked were on the higher end. It is the end of the year and I am a mom of two all that HSA, FSA, whatever was well gone and spent months ago. Mainly on the newest little but still and with the holidays around the corner I figured why not wait until the new year. But of course everything can be found online nowadays.
Cue Warby Parker a.k.a. The first option I located. They gave me a survey and provided me with a few options based on my answers and what I like. I got the option to pick 5 pairs and have them mailed to me to try on.
Ok cool! I received the glasses and loved all of them. I took to instagram to ask others opinions, asked my husband, asked my brother, and my best friends. Everyone gave me a different answer. None of them felt right. But what I liked about Warby Parker is it gave me information about how to submit a claim to my insurance later to be reimbursed since they are considered out of network. Great but still I couldn’t pick just one. I sent them all back after my five days were up still contemplating.
I know you’ve done it, I’ve done it too. Once you start looking for one thing the floodgates open up and low and behold glassesusa ad showed up. It had previously popped up on my phone and I kept ignoring it but finally i swiped to see more. Cute, simple, affordable frames. Now while they did not give me the option to test drive the frames they did give me the option to upload a photo of myself to test them out on myself. I found the frames! I found the frames and loved the price. I found the frames, loved the price and loved the final price once adding all the features I wanted. $87 I spent $87 on some glasses with my prescription, scratch resistance and came with a case and a cloth to clean them with.

Again y’all i don’t know how many of you wear glasses or know someone who does but let me tell you $87 out of pocket is cheap! I was so shocked I immediately pulled out my card and made the purchase. It took about a week for them to arrive and I loved them even more once they were placed on my face.
I picked a simple frame black and charcoal black, square top and circular bottom lense. The best of both worlds. I mean plus side I can see again! As a first purchase I received a coupon in an email when I signed up. The one thing that did not come with it? The little spray bottle to clean your lenses. But that’s ok I still have mine from those glasses 4 years ago!
I guess I write all this to tell you guys insurance or not we have options now, more options than we’ve ever had. I mean if you want to speak $300 on those Ray Bans or Gucci glasses to each his own but me? I’ll take these $100 glasses and frame and probably rock them for another 4 years… I mean as long as my prescription doesn’t change again.

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