Wizarding World and this nerdy girl

Soooo…For my 30 birthday I totally went to Hogwarts with my best friend. It was amazing. It totally gave everything it was suppose to give.

We made sure to plan ahead and stayed at Endless Summer Resort which came with early access to Universal studios with the purchase of our tickets and transportation. (This was the best decision ever! If you are planning a trip I highly suggest finding an affiliated hotel to get early park access or fast passes)

For our first day, we woke up early to catch the bus for extra park hours and rode escape from Gringotts first. This gave us time to explored the rest of Diagon alley and Knockturn alley before the rest of the park opened. We stood in line to ride the Hogwarts express to Islands of adventure to ride Hagrid’s motorcycle ride before the line got too long. It was an amazing experience for our first day. We even ate at The Three Broomsticks and grabbed our first butterbeer.(Frozen for me)

We missed out on getting our wands via Ollivander’s wand shop but still purchased wands and had them sent back to our hotel room. After riding the rest of the HP rides we left Hogwarts and explored the rest of Islands of Adventures. Lines for rides were ok with the longest being 45 minutes long. Finishing the park day one by 3 pm and managed to make it back to the hotel to relax by the pool.






The hotel pool had a bar called the Wave Maker. Perfect for grabbing a drink pool side when taking a break from the heated pool.

Our second day we slept in a little late and rode the Hogwarts express from Islands to Universal. We ate brunch at The Leaky Caldron and shopped a little more. For our second day we grabbed some lanyards and ditched the bags so we didn’t have to worry about storage while riding rides.  It was magical and the best birthday I’ve had in my 30 years. I know pandemic and all but it was totally worth the adventure. If you’ve ever contemplated going here is a short list of things you must do.

Must see at WWHP:

  1. Escape Gringotts Ride

  2. Grab wands at Ollivanders/ shop

  3. Knock on the door of 12 Grimmald place

  4. Ride Hogwarts Express

  5. Brunch/Lunch at the Leaky Caldron or Three Broomsticks

  6. Hagrid’s Motorcycle Ride

  7. Shop Diagon/Knockturn Alley

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