DIY rain sticks you can easily make with the kids

Just the other day I was organizing and clean out my craft corner and storage and I found multiple empty cardboard rolls. I usually just toss them in the trash or the recycling bin but I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately so I decided I would use these to make rain sticks with the kids.

I remember playing with rain sticks in art and music class and how cool they sounded so I though HEY! Why not.

The kids had a blast making them and they sound really cool. I will say it may sound better if I connect multiple tubes to make it longer but if you are a crafty person this is a great idea you can do as well and if not paper towel holders work just as great too.

Material you need to make a rain stick:

  1. Masking tape
  2. Carboard tubes (cricut rolls/ paper towel rolls
  3. Beans or rice (any kind)
  4. Plastic bag
  5. Aluminum foil
  6. Something to decorate it with.

The last item is whatever you see fit. Initially I was going to wrap the tubes in left over Christmas paper but decided to let the children create their own drawing to decorate their rain stick.

Let’s go over the steps:

Step 1: grab an empty tube and plastic bag. Cut a circle in the plastic bag big enough to cover one end of the tube. Double this so you have a prepared piece for when you eventually close the other side. You’ll want to securely tape this side off.

Step 2: Grab some aluminum foil roll it up and make it into a shape resembling a slithering snake (yes that is what I was thinking the whole time I did it) I secured one end of the aluminum foil to the open side of the tub just to be sure it didn’t move with some tape.

Step 3: Grab your rain a.k.a. the beans or rice which ever you have chosen and pore inside. This was the best part for the kids because we tested the sound to determine if they wanted to add more beans or not before securing it.

Step 4: Take the second piece of pastic you cut previously and cover the opening and secure it with tape over the top of the tube.

Step 5: Shake once checking to make sure both ends are secure, and the rain is sounding exactly right. Add the decoration to the outside of the tube for a final touch.

**Plus side with my kids creating their own drawing is that they are easily identified for the kids. Will that stop the fighting… probably not.

Test this out and let me know how you rain sticks turn out 😊

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