Disney During a Pandemic

We finally made it!

That Disney trip we’d planned for Skyler’s 6th birthday finally happened. Just not as we expected.

Like everything else Disney World shut down and like everyone else we were disappointed but hopeful. Three reschedules later and all fast passes gone we were finally on the schedule and Disney was reopening. but not without some contingencies.

This began with reduced capacity, requirements of facemask for anyone ages 2 and up and social distancing markers throughout the parks, and in the lines for rides, food etc. It Sounds difficult, it sounds like a lot but honestly compared to our everyday life it’s not so bad.

The good:

The best part about this trip was that my best friend met up with us on our last day. Her and the family hadn’t been to Disney in a while so it was especially awesome to spend the day showing them one of our favorites places and what better day than Epcot day.

The nitty gritty:

What you want to know… honestly it wasn’t that busy I understand recently the weekend have become a little more hectic and without fast passes that can sound like a pain but we made do.

Most rides we saw only an hour max wait time depending on the ride you might want to take the chance or you can always try back later 🙃

Yes mask wearing is really enforced even for the little ones but cast members give them gentle reminders, they were never harsh to us when my son who gets overwhelmed at times would take his off in a fit.

This last note is for my pass holders:

I know it sucks having to pick a park and plan ahead; I know because we are frequent wake up, nothing better to do? Let’s day trip to Disney!!! But we are limited to a 3 day max soo pick your days wisely unless you book a Disney resort as well.

Anyway happy hunting, stay safe, and as always remember to Be Kind. We all need a little magic and kindness right now



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