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A little under 3 years ago I gave birth to a bouncing happy baby boy well I few months later I started to notice my edges were thinning out.  This is actually a quite common issue after having a child which is hair loss. For me I wasn’t expecting it as I did not experience this with my first, but I just rolled with the punches. I tried to limit the protective styles I was getting that put pressure on my edges. Try to wear my hair lose and twist it out just right so that it covered any small spots and eventually the hair started to grow back.

Although it has grown back it’s not the same as it once was, so I recently tried edge naturale. This all-natural product dedicated to helping restore hair follicles and repair damage to the edge line and strengthen it. The product arrived in a little 5 oz jar, but a lot goes a long way. I repeated the technique of adding a little to my edge line every morning as apart of my skin care routine and still have product left. This was over a month ago! Slowly I am beginning to see the results and I love them. My hair line seems to be fortified and even thickening in spots I did not notice were thinning (you know the spot you always part your hair in) I can’t wait to see what my hair looks like at the end of the jar to really determine the effects. Head over to edge naturales to try them out for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.

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