School Choice: How heading back is looking for us.

IMG_2913The time is slowly arriving to head back to school. Here in Florida they have decided to delay by at least 2 weeks but it is still looming over our heads. Even in quarantine or social distancing time has not slowed down so here we are yet again. I’ve seen so much debate on weather to send kids back or not. How the classroom will look now and measures being taken.


Our options are to completely disenroll our children and have them only virtually learning, go to physical school, or distance learning as we ended the 2019 school year. The debate on choices parents… I mean moms are making is rivaling one of the other biggest debates of breastfed versus bottle fed. (don’t argue with me you know it’s true)

The only thing we should be doing is supporting each other simple as that. Some don’t have the option or resources to homeschool their children. Elementary age kids need a lot of attention and help as many of them are learning some of these concepts truly for the first time. Some parents are essential workers, some are being told hey! It’s time to come back in office, some are struggling to make ends meet and being in school helps provide their kids with 1-2 balance meals a day.

For my family? We’ve decided to send our daughter back to school. Yes I can keep her home for now but who knows if my job will be one of the ones that decides it’s time to return to office? As she enters first grade I want her to have some consistency in her learning and switching between a distance teacher and in person teacher I believe will hinder that. So I’m customizing her face mask, stocking up on hand sanitizer and soap for her classroom, in contact with her teacher to let her know we support her and want her to be safe as well. we learned over the summer her teacher was moving up to the next grade level and taking her kids with her.


We are living in strange times. THIS is our new normal even returning to our previous normal won’t be the same.

If you have kids weigh your options talk it out with them and your family and their teacher if you know who that will be. Make the best decision for you and your family and don’t let what anyone else says make you feel guilty about the choice you are making because it’s just that….your choice.

Be Safe, Be Careful, and Do what’s best for you!


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