Fall Décor Haul

So, I decided to decorate my home for fall this year. I attempted in previous years but figure my kids were too small, too busy, or my house just not where I wanted it to be. This year I said screw that! You know what you like, you know what you want so go for it!

I had way too much fun with this. Besides my already terrible addiction to Michaels and Hobby Lobby searching for the right fall décor to fit my style and my home just solidified them.

To get the perfect fall look I would say there are a few key ingredients.

  • Buy some pumpkins ( if you live in Florida fakes ones may be preferred as they will last longer)
  • Can’t go wrong with a wood sign
  • door jam hangers are life
  • some fake leaves or hay can making anything pop

I purchased my door and wall wood signs from Hobby Lobby. Now originally the door sign was for my mother, but my other sign said hello Autumn and she liked that one better anyway, so I gave it to her and kept the Fall sign. My wood sign can double as a Halloween sign so obviously it was the perfect choice, right?

Once I purchase the wall sign, I knew exactly what look I wanted to go for so off to Michaels I went. I found these beautiful garland leaves and some pumpkins to finish off my look and grabbed a door hanger. (my other one is Christmas Themed). Why Michaels instead of just buying everything @ Hobby Lobby… Well because Michaels had a better sale 🤷🏿‍♀️

Lastly, we’ve needed a new doormat, but I was stuck between making one and buying one SOOO I bought one. Hopefully by the time Christmas rolls around I have perfected my skills and can make a one of a kind mat but until then enjoy this one I found for $10. All in all, I spent maybe $50 which I call a good deal and besides this is décor I can use again and again. If you shop these stores frequently I would say always look for the deal because you never know what greatness you can find.

Let me know your thoughts on the finished look below. What does fall décor look like to you?

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