Don’ut you want to try something new.

Over the last few months we have taken the time to check out some local donut shops and man are there some good ones. My husband is all about letting our children experience new things not always costly but just to experience life and this is something we like to do for fun. We’ve checked out a handful so far, so I thought I’d give them a review.

The Minibar- located in Jax Beach is a cute little shop where you get bite size donuts fit for your tiniest critic. They are made to order and delivered to you from the side of an old truck located inside the establishment built in as a countertop. You can grab a drink, milk (Wainwright Dairy) or coffee (Bold Bean) as well and don’t forget one of their signature shirts sold in shop. They are opening another Brick and Mortar location in the town center area soon and while I love heading out to the beaches, I can’t wait for this closer location to open. They promote locate events and custom make donuts to fit as well such as Jaguar themed or even engagement parties. You can see all their beautiful designs here.

Next up is The Donut Experiment- Ok so this one was a little bit of a drive for us as it is in St. Augustine and owned by the nicest person. This was a must according to a friend who lives close by. She said the owner was genuine and nice to talk to. While this was solo trip with my husband, we loved it. The donuts are perfect in size they aren’t as big as a regular donut but not as small as minibar. They are even more enticing by the fact these are truly built to order. While they have suggestions, you are provided an order sheet. It asks you how many donuts you want, and they start with your basic donut. To customize you can pick an icing and a topping or four. Their specialty donut the Key Lime is AMAZING!!!! They also offer catering and large orders to be placed online. Check out all the love on their website as well.

Last but certainly not least is The Good Dough located in a guess you can call it San Marco area it is truly a hipster spot. Very chill and laid back with a family vibe and I mean the whole family like animals included. Their donuts are slightly oversized so you can easily split just one between both kids. We mainly went to this location because they had a mermaid donut because obviously. They have some pretty classic donuts mixed with some fun remakes to get your taste buds tingling if I do say so myself. Not a donut fan? Just going for the kids. They have a few breakfast options as well and plenty of seating so you can enjoy in a relaxed environment.

These are just the spots we have checked out in Jacksonville and surrounding areas, but I know there are plenty more. Do you have a favorite artisanal donut shop, or do you stick with the classics like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin?

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