Summer Review

Wow this summer just flew by didn’t it? Well in Florida the kids are heading back to school this week and all month depending on what county you live it so I thought I would recap some of our fun in the sun this summer.

We decided after talking long and hard about it to become Zoo member at our local zoo Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. While we don’t frequent it every weekend it just made more sense to become members instead of paying ever trip, we do decide to go. What a great investment! The tickets have already paid for themselves in the amount of times we went this summer alone. I can’t wait until it cools down to take a nice stroll through the Asia Garden or the African Loop.

We hosted our first give away after being invited to attend the opening of a new exhibit at the Cummer Museum. Their new director Adam Levine (not that Levine) wants to change the image of museums from being cold and not family friend to being just that. They are still hosting #summeratthecummer Fridays where entry is free. These Friday events included many activities for children and adults as well as live music and food trucks. We keep missing the event but have been to the Cummer a few additional times to experience this new look since they were nice enough to #Gift us a membership for a year. Any family that buys a family membership is helping a family less fortunate with a 4th grade student obtains a year membership as well which is great because attending the Cummer and art play a part in the 4th grade curriculum.

We explored new places like the many artisanal donut shops around town like The Mini Bar attempting to find the one that fits all our needs and taste buds.

I found a group the hive society which host event for content creators and collaborators to join forces and experience new places and new things.

I flew on a plane for the first time in my adult life to attend Essence Festival. That was an experience I will never forget.

And lastly, we attended way more #Disney days than I wanted to, but they were all great. Disney in the summer is not always a good time but we found a new adventure every time we went. Another great annual pass that has paid for itself at this point with the number of trips my husband likes to take.

But the best part of the Summer vacation would be spending time with family and friends. We attended birthday parties, family reunions, and just days of being together and hanging out. Here’s to a great and safe school year as all the kids head back. So excited to see all the first week of school pictures on my timeline.


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