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Alright so a while back around a year after we had our first child my poor misguided husband decided to start in on the “we should have another kid” talk. Me being me I was very much thinking sure buddy in never many years we can totally have another kid. Well look at us now! Obviously he worn me down, but then again so did my daughter and my friends and coworkers and like strangers I met at events EVERYONE!!! They told me being an only child is lonely, unfortunately I wouldn’t know(I have 4 brothers and a sister). But I could also see it in my daughter she needed a friend, now I have friends who have kids her age, we both work so she goes to school and is around other kids all the time but it’s on the weekend and those weekday nights when she just wants to read a story to someone other than me and snuggle and love on someone new.

My husband got her a cat and I hoped that would be enough but umm he did not want her loving and would sneak out of the house all the time until one day he didn’t come home. Thus began the baby talk from her, from my husband, from my best friend…MY BEST FRIEND Y’all. Like she is supposed to have my back but nooooooo not this time. I mean we talked about it, I felt comfortable in my current role and him in his so why not. Well being the I know I am right kind of person we were only partially prepared when it came time for my son to come around. We kept my daughter’s crib, her swing, some clothes, a toy here or there. But I never thought about what having two young kids meant in terms of portability.

I know I know my daughter is four years old but man, that girl is spoiled and I hate to say it a little lazy and loves to be carried. Naturally I went on the hunt for the perfect stroller. I wanted something easy to take in and out of the car, simple, and able to transition with us thus looking for a stroller built for 2. Well if you are a planner and know without a shadow of a doubt you will procreate again I would say test out the Graco Modes Duo Stroller. This travel set starts off with just the single seat stroller but also comes with the infant carrier that fits perfectly with it. check it out here.

But if you have a local toys or babies r us going out of business check them out too last time I was in the one near me they had a lot remaining deeply discounted.

But again that works great if you are a planner you get the total package and if and when your family expands if your first child still needs to rest on long walks all you have to do is purchase the second seat to go along with the stroller you already have!!!

I am not a great planner getting better but not great. I did purchase a double stroller that I thought would work great for us only problem its a little hard to close sometimes and the second seat is just a bench so when my daughter gets really tired and wants to lay down our only options are to place my son in our lillebaby carrier. Which means one of us has the baby strapped to us while the other is pushing the stroller NO ONE IS FREE! lol But again not to knock that stroller because if you have a bigger child and just need it to get them where you want to go quicker this will work for you. They have a few variations and some do come with two fully functioning seats. You can check them out here:

But the mother of all strollers, the one that made my mouth water and say YESSSSSSSS was the Baby Jogger.

I know, I know, trust me I know but I wanted it so bad. It didn’t help that on one of our many Disney trips we ran into another mommy friend who had it and it only made me want it more!!! So I asked her of course where did you get this amazing vehicle and unlike me she did her research. She searched for it only, she compared prices, she repeatedly placed it in her shopping cart and waited and waiting until she found it on sale and took that baby home!!! Well after hearing this I decided to start saving up for it, I’d looked at the price and knew I would be crazy to spend that amount of money on a stroller for 2 but gosh did I want it. Well y’all that same mommy friend tagged me in a post on Facebook this week that showed it was on sale on Amazon and I snagged me one before they sold out. Finally she was mine! I snagged the stroller, the second seat and cup holders for an amazing price that even I couldn’t believe all thanks to mom connections.  Now I am not sure if this page is her hidden secret but I want to share it with you because if you are looking for some deeply discounted kids gear this page posts something new everyday. I on the other hand can’t wait for my next trip to Disney or walk around the track with the kids because I will be doing it in style.



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