Teething Much?

So my son, bless his heart has changed from my sweet, smile all the time, only cries when he is hungry or for a diaper changed to the boy who shall not be awakened!!! We are truly in the throws of teething. It started a few months ago when he was about 4 months old but no teeth ever showed themselves. He was a little cranky, gnawing on his hands constantly and the drool Ugh. But we have had some peace the last couple of months nothing too crazy but now! Now he is in full on teething mode. He is constantly chewing on everything he even bite his sister. I mean not hard he still doesn’t have teeth but this is sky we are talking about and drama should have been her middle name.🙄🙄(eye roll)
Anyway my best friend you know the traitor I was telling you about in my last post. She decided to make breastmilk pops for her daughter who is a month younger than my son. She told me all her tricks so I put them to use today and made my own. She found some popsicle molds at walmart 2 sets of 6 for $1.90. Check✔ Combine breastmilk with a fruity baby food.✔ I used a apple, blueberry combo so mine were a little colored. freeze ( of course), pop one free and let him enjoy.
The great thing about the popsicle molds were the handles. They have little circle hooks making it easy for you or your baby to hold if they have the habit of grabbing and wanting to hold things themselves like my son. He enjoyed himself fully. He’s been rather cranky today and dealing with allergies so this put a smile on his face well until it was gone that is. Now I will say this try and pace your baby if you make some of these. I could see it on his little face the cold sometimes became too much but he was very reluctant to let up. I made only one set 4 breastmilk pops and 2 Mio pops for sky. I try not to leave her out of anything I do but also I am trying to get her to drink more water soo 2 birds one stone type thing. 🤷🏿‍♀️
Now I know not everyone breastfeeds or can store breastmilk and to you I say I’m sorry. I looked into the possibility of making formula pops and it looks like a heck no!! But there are other options. They have mesh fruit teethers and silicone teethers as well. These are great for introducing your child to certain fruits and veggies also as it allows them to get a taste and lessen the choking hazard. All of these are great items to use for a teething child and I have tried them all lol. I even tried this hand teether called muncher mitt, it didn’t work but I tried it. Kai snatched it off and went back to eating his actual hand but hey what doesn’t work for me may work for you. Every child is different and all I can say is try and try and try again and hold on Momma this is only a phase. It may be a hair pulling, wanting to cry when they cry, bribing with toys and money if they just pick something that soothes them phase but it will pass I promise. In the meantime check these places for items mentioned above.


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