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Ok so we decided to take our daughter to Disney for her 4th birthday. I made no attempts to plan or even theorize a good party idea and I am usually thinking and planning 5 months in advance. So by the time it came to buy tickets and plan our weekend we were luck enough since we live in Florida to take advantage of a promotion they have going which is called Florida discover Disney tickets.

What the heck is that?

Yeah I was super excited because anytime you think of a trip to Disney you know you will be spending some hard-earned money. Well we decided to snag these tickets while we could and even upgraded to the park hopper option for $20 more a person. We picked the three-day package and looking back on it our tickets cost just as much as a regular one day pass during peak season. We had a blast!!! Not only did Skyler enjoy her birthday but baby Kai did too. He got on so many rides and is now the smallest little dare-devil I know. I know I know Disney is expensive but let me break down.

We spent a little under $800 on tickets, $22 to park and honestly who knows on food and candy and other stuff my daughter, husband, and myself had to have but the experience was totally worth it.

Everyone is pleasant and knowledgable, they literally have stroller wranglers meaning someone dedicated to monitor and rearrange strollers while you ride the rides. Every pass purchased comes with the fast pass option. If you are a person who loves to plan welcome to Disney!! If you know the dates you want to go you can pick a single park and plan 3 rides to fast pass at least a month in advance, 60 days in advance in you stay at a Disney resort and link that to your tickets.  After those passes have been used you can fast pass one ride at a time from there and if you got park hopper tickets jump parks as well. Best and easiest way to do this is to download their app. This allows you to link family tickets, plan rides together, make dinner or lunch plans and see what time outside attractions or characters are roaming around as well.

But this is about how Discovery Disney became passholder tickets right? Well on our first day checking in we were advised at the ticket booth we could use the money we already put towards our tickets to purchase additional days or even passholder tickets. Now being our first day I was think heck now we just need to survive this weekend. But through it all even with my crazy husband who doesn’t know when to quit we had fun. We went home, we researched the different passholder options, or just adding additional days and decided why not we are already half way there anyway. So we took the plunge decided next time we go for our final day we would upgrade then.

Welp here we are full fledge passholders, we’ve been 2 additional times as a family and my again crazy husband has taken my daughter a few times alone including this week where he will also be taking my little brother. My mother and myself are putting a lot of trust in him but he’s an adult he can handle it right? Fingers crossed. Don’t get me wrong it’s still alot of money but If you currently have smaller children and want to do something not typical look into it. You have the option to still purchase Discover Disney either 3 or 4 day passes, there are single day passes and passholder options with the ability to full-out purchase or do installments.

I know for now Disney passes fit our family. I love watching my daughter light up at the amount of rides she can get on and all the princesses she can meet. Who knows maybe as they get older we will venture out to other theme parks but for now I’ll say if I miss your invite to anything you know where we will  be. #DisneyWorld


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