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20180610_0822541Ok so I took a little break since being back to work… cough… cough a whole 3 months lol #sorrynotsorry. But I came back because this chair… omg this chair is my favorite baby accessory and travel pal well besides the boppy pillow. It’s this awesome foldable travel chair. It comes in many cute colors and styles. Some have trays some don’t. The one I picked for my son doesn’t have the tray but came with two little toys you can leave hooked or unhook and take with you. It’s simple to assemble and the actual cover comes off and is machine washable.

Just go get one like now!

My son loves his seat and loves the toys and loves to make a mess in it so it’s been washed frequently. But as I said it great for travel its collapses and fits almost anywhere. If you visit family alot like I do or multiple mini family vacations go to your nearest buy buy baby, Amazon or even target and pick this seat up. Its pricey depending on the one you get ranging from $35-$50 but so worth it. Check it out the name is Fisher price sit me up floor seat. Tell me what you think about it.

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