How old are you? Days, Weeks, Months

Something has been on my mind lately regarding telling people your child’s age. I mean once they hit a year old it becomes easier but in the first year what do you say? In the few days after birth of course you are counting in days I mean your new baby hasn’t even hit a week old. And before that first month you would count in weeks. But what do you do after that? See the question came about when talking with my best friend; with family being all over the world the easiest way to share your new bundle of joy with them is by posting them on social media right? But what do you say? While your child may have been in the world for 4 weeks say they were born on the 16th of the previous month and that day has not come yet. So do you say your child is a month old or would you say 4 weeks? Which brings up another question when posting those pictures would you count them as weeks or months? And when would you take and subsequently post that picture?  I’ve decided to just go by the day my son was born. As such when I return to work he will be 16 weeks old not 4 months exactly. I add additional photos or mark his milestones with a post as the 30th of each month approaches. I look at growth charts and check what milestones he should be working towards or achieving based on his monthly birth achievement.

When welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world there are many ways you can mark the occasion. You can celebrate by days, weeks, months, and even years. Some people use stickers, some use blocks, some use personalized blanket sets as well. If you know you will want to document ever day, week, month, hell hour of your new ones life looky below for different places and websites to find these awesome items that can help you say it.


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My name is Seketa, I have a daughter, son and a husband; working a full time job and attending school. This blog is about life as a young mom do's and don'ts and daily struggles hope you enjoy it :)

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