SANTA!!! I know him

So since becoming an adult and a parent I have noticed the difference in the way everyone treats Christmas. I am sure a lot of you have seen the meme or one of your friends have posted about making presents like clothes and shoes and socks from Santa while making the big expensive ones from you. This is to not make other children feel bad once your child returns to school and discusses all the awesome things Santa brought them. But who’s to say by doing something like this you aren’t hurting your own child? If all parents aren’t doing it then some will still feel like Santa doesn’t care for them but wow look at how much their parents love them. When I was growing up my mom and grandparents went all out for me and my brothers to believe in the jolly man. I got bikes and video games and yes clothes from Santa. A few gifts said from mom or grandma or grandpa. It helped build my imagination and made me believe in the impossible. While Santa wasn’t real and all the gifts did come from my family it put a smile on my face none the less. So yes life is not fair for everyone and some kids receive more on Christmas than others but this shouldn’t mean dampening everyone’s spirit. Sure write the note saying from Santa on those clothes and shoes. Find that one present your child asked you for, asked Grandma for, and even went and sat on Santa’s lap and asked him for and make it so!!! Don’t make them think Santa isn’t listening to their wishes and deeming them a naughty kid. While my daughter is working on reading words and not just letters best believe her dad bought her the one big gift she wanted wrapped it in different wrapping paper from all the other presents and wrote from Santa on the tag. Let kids be kids! Let them enjoy it while they can and let their imaginations take them to places becoming a teenager and later adult won’t. Let the kids be kids and let them enjoy Christmas. Oh and duh stop making other parents feel bad for buying their kids what they asked for on Christmas!!!! They are the ones that have to deal with the spoiled kid running around swinging the loud ass toys in their faces trust me I know…. And if the grandparents, godparents, aunts, or uncle bought them every chance you get take it back to their house with your kids and let them play over there damn it. You will not saddle me with the weird purring cat piano and not expect to either hear it yourself or your child get an equally annoying toy in return. That’s the best parenting hack I can give you. Only buy a toy for someone else’s child you are willing to receive in return 🙂 Anyway Merry Christmas guys Enjoy your littles ones and the magic of Santa while you can and besides once they get old enough not to believe that’s when the fun starts because then you don’t have to fuss with wrapping paper just stack em under the treat with a bow and a tag.

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