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So breastfeeding…. yeah it’s a thing and yeah kind of expensive upfront but still damn it let’s all do it right? Just kidding do what you want it’s your body and your baby screw everyone else’s opinions. But if you do breastfeed how do you do it? I mean you have a few options here: there is manual versus electric, single versus double and then you have the different brands and types of pumps to check out too. If you are at the pump picking stage do your dang research beforehand especially if you are getting it through your insurance! You don’t want to waste your “free” pump on a pump you may not respond to for one reason or another. Back to the topic at hand so let’s say you’ve got your pump and your little one has arrived now what? No matter your reason for pumping( exclusively pumping, building a stash, for donating) this is something you have to work into your day. Honestly…it’s kind of a pain in the ass. I literally spend half the time I designate to pumping to preparing to pump. First I have to get all the pieces of the pump together if I’m double pumping then I have to basically undress and locating my hands free pump bra put that on attach the pump flanges and get it started. Well naturally this got annoying really fast especially with my middle of the night pumping sessions.

So I went on the hunt for different options for pumping bras. I could try a homemade one out of an old sports bra but then I would still need another bra for all day wear. Fast forward to about a week and a half ago I see a video posted on the leaky boob’s Facebook page. The woman is pumping and feeding from a hands free bra. I’m literally salivating at this bra waiting for the live video to end so I can follow the link and order my own. But after I bought it I had to wait on delivery and moms in another group I’m in for breast-feeding moms after a reduction had the same question regarding a handsfree everyday wear. I mean I have the Medela handsfree bra but that’s not really for all day wear. Great fit though. But the bra from the Leaky Boob looked awesome, this bra called the nourish bra I located on belibea.com a website geared towards breastfeeding and pumping moms. I ordered it and got it right before Christmas so Merry Christmas to me!! I like it… it came with a little card regarding care and how to place it on with different types of pumps and all. It’s a soft terry cloth material which some may not like but it gets the job done. I can do both feeding my baby and pumping without having to change too much and that’s all I really need. Another one I ordered but haven’t received yet is the momcozy bra, this was suggested from my other breastfeeding group and located on amazon. while similar to the medela bra this contains strapped and adjustable opening for the flanges.

So I guess what I am trying to say is just like you do your research before buying a pump research the handsfree bra that works best for you because it is a learning curve and I would like to save some moms money where it counts.

Here’s the info for the three I have/getting




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