Am I doing this right?

So as I have said previously this is my second child, bouncing baby boy and all that jazz. With my daughter I pretty much gave up breastfeeding completely at like 3 months. The start was rocky and I never got my supply up to where I wanted/needed it to be to feel like it was making an impact. My son on the other hand we have been going strong for the last two weeks, still supplementing here and there but yeah we are good, solid, making it work… But now I am wondering will this make him extra clingy and wanting to be held all the time? As in I feel like this is making him extra clingy and wanting to be held all the time!!!! To top it off we got a baby carrier as well for times when the stroller really isn’t necessary for like short trips or times when my daughter is fine with walking instead. So besides being attached to my boob for a majority of the time, he is also strapped to my chest because my husband is yet to wear this amazing contraption that I researched and search for sales and deals and discounts. We ending up with the Lillebaby carrier, it’s easy to put on single-handedly and they have multiple styles for any need. You know what here’s a link if you’re in the market or doing research on your own enjoy.

Anyway…. The reason I am questions my parenting skills with this kid is because I am indulging him. I love to hold, cuddle, and smell his baby smell. But I have had to drive him to sleep two nights in a row and even when he is full from a formula feeding he still cries until I give him my boob and falls asleep cuddling it… Is that weird? Like I love him to pieces but I don’t want him to be spoiled rotten and want/ need to be held all the time. Eventually I will have to head back to work and I don’t think the people at the daycare will appreciate the new baby crying and trying to be held all day long. And another issue sending your kid to daycare like what is that noise…. Nah just kidding I have to work and help support my family carry on.

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