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So it’s a known thing when you become a mom you have to get mom friends. Not saying your old friends aren’t awesome but they just won’t understand like your mom friends will. Luckily for me some of my friends either already had kids or soon followed me in the child department.

With my second child I am finding that mom friends are a must!!! You need someone to listen to you when you’re at your worst. When one kid has puked in your hair and the other is begging for your attention and your husband/significant other is doing their own thing. It’s not always as easy as it sounds to get new mom friends let me tell you. As an introvert/anti-social person myself it takes me forever to open up to new people and get new friends. It takes everything to bring me outta my shell and then for me to trust enough that we are in a friendship place to share ugh. Of the few interactions I have made I have developed 2 additional mom friendships!!! I know! Good job me right? Yes I am really proud of that accomplishment. Mom friends are hard to find and hard to maintain especially if you are like me and already have a group of friends you have trouble keeping in contact with adding more people you sporadically talk to doesn’t sound very smart. But as I said these are the people you need and want in your life damn it! When going into labor with my son I didn’t call my doctor to determine when I should go to the doctor I called and texted my mom friends, we’ve all been through pregnancy and child-birth we got this lol and we did by the time I called my doctor and went to the hospital I was in active labor and only took a few hours before my son arrived compared to the 18+ hours with my first-born.

So if you are a first time mom or new mom in general take a chances get out there and get you some mom friends trust me they come in handy more than you think.

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My name is Seketa, I have a daughter, son and a husband; working a full time job and attending school. This blog is about life as a young mom do's and don'ts and daily struggles hope you enjoy it :)

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