Night Time Fun

It’s only been two weeks and I have already grown accustomed to the fact that my bed is no longer my bed. Before my son was born my husband and myself discussed the fact that our three-year old constantly sleeps in our bed and that we(i.e. him) did not want that same routine to be established with the new child. fast forward to now… My toddler starts off in her own bed most nights(not all) and about 3 or 4 a.m. comes tip toeing in our bed. The newborn oh he knows when momma is about to hit that deep sleep because he has an earlier clock and anytime after 10 p.m. don’t expect to find him in the crib. I have tried giving him a fresh diaper, breastfeeding, and even extra ounces after he falls asleep on the boob of expressed or supplement milk. I get a good ten sometimes 15 minutes before he is back up and crying for mom…. 🙁

Needless to say this is a touchy subject and as I type this out he is laying in my bed cuddling his wubbynub and touching me with his feet. I am hoping that as time goes on it will get better and we can move him to a similar system as his big sister. No that is not the final goal but hey beggars can’t be choosers right? Anyway I should attempt to get some sleep seeing as he is also still on a 2 maybe 3 hour feeding schedule so I am sure he will be waking up soon to chow down on a boob or bottle which ever is easier for me provide with one eye open….

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