When you realize you aren’t super mom.

I have freaking pink eye!! Ok I might have pink eye or it could just be an allergic reaction or stress related. But seriously why this week of all weeks.

Obviously you have no idea what I mean so let me explain. My husband’s grandfather passed away last week. He managed to work it out with his job to take off with his mom and our four year old daughter in toe driving up to Michigan to pay their respects. I stayed behind because of work and honestly I didn’t think our 11 month old would survive a 20+ hour drive. Just getting to Disney sometimes in stressful and that only 2 1/2 hours.(less if I’m driving) So here we are on Thursday and I have a leaking, red, itchy eye. My son finally asleep after eating spoonfuls of Peter Pan, two bottles, and a container of baby food in my attempt to keep him away from my gross eye and still entertained and show him all the love.

Seriously I pride myself on being the parent that has it together when my husband is around and because I know he will read this too I’m going to be completely transparent. Either way he will find out so why not tell everyone else 🤷🏿‍♀️

Let’s start at the beginning. I packed my daughters bag before she left, gave my husband and his mom instructions on her doing homework while away and all. They left on Sunday in the wee hours of the morning. Ok cool! Once I woke up again around 8ish I got my son and myself dressed for church. We were 30 minutes late. I mean it was partially my fault. I only know of two ways to get to our church and of coarse my preferred way happened to have a road block. Strike 1.

I decided to wash my husband’s car seats for the kids while he was away and that night while putting his seat back apparently left my son’s stride rite shoes on top of his car. It rained all night! Yes they were still there in the morning but someone went to daycare in socks because epic mom fail! Sidenote: my son has been walking for a few months now so shoes are a must for school (atleast to me they are.) 🏃🏽‍♂️ Never the less Strike 2.

In the last two weeks I’ve created a routine with the help of my mother in law to better my fitness and make it to the gym atleast 5 days a week. I attempted maybe twice this week to workout from home before deciding laying around with my son would be more fun so personal strike to myself for not sticking to my plan and goals for myself. Oh but the final strike was this morning before the leaking eye. We got dressed, packed our bags, ate breakfast together(my breakfast) and headed out the door on time! I got home this afternoon to discover that the empty formula container the daycare sent home the previous day… that I refilled btw, got left on the counter which means they had to use another child’s formula to feed my son and because it’s me- I will be sending an extra can to school as a thank you but nevertheless Strike 3.

Crazy thing is point out my mistakes I also realize how much I miss my husband and my crazy daughter. The house is literally still a mess because why clean when they arent around to mess it up again and me complain about cleaning lol. We’ve facetimed them everyday. Also is it still called facetime if i don’t have an Iphone? You know similar to how we call training pants pull-ups but that’s only huggies brand that is truly called that? Sorry going off topic. We saw each others face and talked!

While it’s been stressful its’ also been nice. I haven’t had to worry about what’s for dinner and who will eat what which means the kitchen has been clean. Tonight for dinner I ate a bowl of fruit with some granola and whip cream because who else did I need to cook for? 😂😂😂

Positive outcome from this week alone with baby boy? We ate breakfast together. I got to experience dropping him off to school and giving him extra kisses and hugs before I start my day. I got to take my time when getting ready for our day, picking out our clothes and packing bags the night before, prepping breakfast for the week, and even testing my son’s readiness for potty training. Ok don’t freak out! When my daughter turned one she started taking her diaper off so we began potty training off and on. It took her a little over a year and an evacuation from a hurricane to be fully potty trained but she did it so baby steps. He did ok and clapped when I clapped but I think we will hold off on that headache for now. He’s our last biologically child so I’ll let him stay my baby forever.( we may be open to adoption down the road, not ruling anything out)

I say all this to say raising tiny humans still takes a village. That village may have changed over time but making sure you take care of them as well as yourself is never going to change. This has been a rest week for me still stressful but I’ve dialed back my obsessive need to organize everything so much because life is unpredictable and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. And lastly that I literally can’t wait for my husband and sweet girl to get back home so I can love on them and get back to my normal, hopefully slightly less obsessive self. Every once in a while you need a chill pill. I’m hoping it doesn’t take another tragedy to break me out of my self. Oh and if you are still wondering I held off on posting this until I knew for sure. It’s not pink eye just irritation. I will be cold compressing my face for the rest of the day and ordering new contacts. Toodles.

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My name is Seketa, I have a daughter, son and a husband; working a full time job and attending school. This blog is about life as a young mom do's and don'ts and daily struggles hope you enjoy it :)

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