Is everyone a professional party planner now?

OK! So my son’s first birthday is quickly approaching and the sad thing is i’ve been thinking and planning it since he was about 5 months old. Why you ask? Because everyone has turned into a professional party planner!!! You know that mom that posts about how much of a hot mess express she is? Yes even she is a party planner. One day or more depending on how many children you have it is time to go over the top. I mean big like professional face painting, bounce houses, train rides, fancy cake, cake pops, cupcakes, matching outfits, professional photographer, you know the works. Not that that is a bad thing because I will be doing the same!
But since i’ve had a few moms come before me planning parties I’ve already made some great connections. My son’s part will be Mickey Mouse themed. It was a toss up between that and muppet babies since he loves those shows and my original idea seemed a little difficult to pull off for his age. Have you seen Coco? Oh man if you haven’t please go watch it. We saw it on the cruise we took back in May and my son woke up at the end so I took that as a sign that this was the right idea for him. My ability to come up with cool decorations and food to go along with that decided for me that it wasn’t So here we are and if you are tired of me talking about Disney and Mickey Mouse and more please understand it’s probably not stopping anytime soon :). So back to the party planning. I found a local baker who will be making a custom mickey mouse cake along with the smash cake. I have a coworker of my mother making cake pops of mickey’s ears. While she is not local I found her through another one of my many groups and she made the invites, bottle labels, and goodies bags for the party. So if you sometimes find yourself feeling overwhelmed trying to do everything yourself or just love what you see reach out to her on instagram Ebony’s invites. I found a local company to rent a bounce house, tables and chairs but everything else is all me!!! That means the cookies and decorating my house because I didn’t want to go anywhere and have to clean up after. If I’m having trouble keeping my own house clean, cleaning up after my family and friends at a park or community center is a hard pass for me.
So now it’s time to surf pinterest for hours on end to get ideas and see perfectly crafty sandwiches and mickey head fruit bowl that I will probably attempt and then scrap that idea and just label it Daisy’s grapes and cuckoloca sandwich smash. Actually those aren’t bad names if you see them later on my post party pics on instagram Don’t Judge!!! We are all moms, we succeed and fail together. Just congratulate me on a good party and keep it moving. If you want something to compare to my ideas versus what you will see i’ll just add a few ideas below that i’ve found so far. Y’all just send that positive Mom energy my way because in less than 30 days this party is coming to life and my skills will be put to the test.

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