Cold Season is here(managing as a family of 4)

So, it’s that time again cold season and I am not prepared. That is to say I am still not prepared and currently writing this while trying to breathe out of one nostril! The first signs I saw of cold season rearing its ugly head was at work. The coughing and sneezing and Kleenex disappearing faster and faster. Then the baby got a runny nose… At first, I thought he was just teething again as he is around that age and seemed fine besides the runny nose. Until last Friday he woke up and did his usual whine to be picked up, but it sounded off. His eyes were puffy and he little curls more tasseled than usual as if to say DUH Lady I had a rough night. Now my poor little guy also suffers from allergies and is currently on allergy meds so again as to not jump to conclusions I made sure every day going forward he was taking his medicine and not missing any days for any reason. Well needless to say it was not allergies and of coarse he picked this time in his life to want to provide me with open mouth kisses . My daughter on the other hand seems fine. I thought she might have been coming down with something when I picked them up from school because she proceeded to puke on our way to the car. I immediately went into action when we got home checking her temperature, making her drink water and lay down but turns out she just overate. Another weird thing kid do so be prepared!

Welp now here we are mid-way through my work day and my head starts to feel like it’s floating in a bubble. You know when moving it feels like a to-do and you must concentrate really hard on what everyone is saying because you can’t hear a thing. Yeah that’s where I was at. It started to become more difficult to breath through my nose and I found my lips becoming dryer as I attempted to breath through them. I knew it was coming but I was not prepared at all. We got home and unloaded the car only to realize we would have to pack back up to hit the grocery or pharmacy store. Baby was running low on his medicine and long ago the humidifier ran out of water and Vicks. As far as medicine for myself I’m pretty sure my husband previously took it all during his summer cold where he hogged the bed and pretended he didn’t have kids for two days. Seriously Man-Cold is a thing and we need to have doctors all around the word looking into curing it faster because if he gets sick too the whole house is going on lockdown! So, I wipe everyone’s noses including my own packed them back in the car and headed to the CVS down the street from my house. I stocked up on boogey wipes, saline spray, Tylenol severe cold, Kleenex, and disinfecting wipes. Sounds like a quick trip but trust me it wasn’t. My daughter asked a question around every corner and began to cry when she realized we were not buying toys. My son tried to stick his mouth on the shopping cart repeatedly and I walked pass the disinfectant wipes three times before I remembered what I was looking for and grabbed them. Pregnancy Brain is a thing and so is Mommy Brain, I don’t think there is a cure and at least I made it out the store with most of what I went for, so I call that a win!!!

Any who we got back home, and I unloaded all my goodies. I put dinner on for my daughter and gave the baby a bath. This was prepared with nice warm water and full body lotion session before putting him in some two-piece pajamas. I forgot the water for the humidifier and the Vicks so regular water it is since making the air moist is the most important part.  I fed him his dinner and gave him a nice warm bottle and set him off to bed. It’s almost ten and he’s been asleep since 7:30 and I am hoping for a nice night with no late-night feedings please!!! I did the same with my daughter; bath, lotion, dinner, and bed in that order. Now I’m laying here typing my little feelings about having a cold and feeling low awaiting my husband to come home with a surprise Reese I should not be eating but that will make me feel sooooo much better and all I can say is be prepared mamas. Stock up now or check what you already have on hand and prepare. Get those multivitamins and wipe down everything. Cold and Flu season is upon us.

Check out my mini check list on must have items to have during this time.

Cold and Flu Items to keep on hand:

1.       Kleenex

2.       Tylenol cold and flu (Liquid and Pill form)

3.       Tylenol and Motrin kids and infants (liquid)

4.       Humidifier

5.       Vick’s Steam

6.       Tea

7.       Local honey

8.       Distilled water

9.       Saline spray

10.   Boogie wipes

11.   Disinfecting wipes

12.   Hand sanitizer

13.   A nose bulb

14.   Nose Frida (trust me it works)

15.   The will of a saint

16.   Prayers and peace

Nose Frida:

Vicks Steam:


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