Grove Collaborative: Thoughts? Comment? Concerns?

So recently I went ahead and tried Grove Collaborative. You know grove the one you’ve probably seen advertised somewhere on one of your many social media platforms luring you in with a free caddy to hold all your cleaning products in too. Like the one pictured. Obviously I tried it out…I mean I had to, it only seemed logical since I need cleaning products and I like organizing my items into additional containers 🙂

Ok so let’s start with what it is. This is a website geared towards providing family and homes with safe products that are do not contain harmful chemicals, are safe for the environment and the environmentally conscious. They make sure the products they promote to be used in your home are free of potential dangerous and harsh chemicals, effectively work and Affordable; not to mention organic, natural or plant-based and don’t test on animals. They provide products for household cleaning, home accessories, health and personal care. You have the option to order from them and set up recurring shipments or becoming a VIP member for $19.99 a year which comes with free shipping otherwise shipping is a flat rate of $2.99. To see the differences check it out here.

There are also order minimums based on what you decided either to ship now or recurring options and that can be looked at here.

And lastly to view their products being offered check out their main page that will give you an overview here.

So as I said I tried this trial run and wanted to share my thoughts. One it comes with a letter that say’s so happy to meet you! and that just put me in a good mood before I even unwrapped a thing. Anyway here is a list of what I got. Now keep in mind most of the items came free with the initial trial so I only bought and select a few additionals to get the free items. My box came with  Lavender hand soap and Lemon Verbena Dish soap, a twin pack of Grove Collaborative Walnut scrubber sponges, Spearmint toilet bowl cleaner, Eucalyptus mint daily shower spray, Lemon surface cleaner, a cleaning caddy, after sun balm, glass spray bottle with a silicone sleeve, and laundry scent booster. The sun balm, laundry booster, and scrubbers were my personal items. The scrubbers work amazing and one of the first items I tested out. MY husband tested the toilet bowl cleaner trust me he needed it. I now understand why my grandmother would use the spare bathroom most of the time when she had one directly in her room! Listen I love him but i’d rather walk the straight line to the kids bathroom in the middle of the night half asleep than to walk across our bedroom and hope I don’t trip on 3 weeks of underwear and fall in the toilet. He cleans his own bathroom, I clean the kids. Anyway it works great and remove who knows what from the space. We tested out the daily shower spray and the dish soap over the last few days. The dish soap OMG it doesn’t leave your hands feeling all dry and filmy which I love. Yes we have a dishwasher we aren’t cave paper but it is as old as our house and in need of replacement so I tend to wash by hand and let my dishwasher rinse and be a holding place to dry. Most of our counter space right now is covered by the occasionally used appliance and baby bottles. The after sun balm we will probably use this weekend honestly my kids yes both kids are little fish and love to be outside in the blistering Florida heat(I would prefer a book and comfy spot on the couch but whatever!) I did sign up as a VIP and I have 30 days to decide if I want to stay that way or just order sporadically but I know that cleaning caddy is already being put to good use and greatly appreciated and even if I don’t stay a VIP I will order from them again. If after reading my thoughts you decided to sign up click the link below it’s apparently my personal referral link and if you make a $20 purchase you get a Mr. Meyer’s cleaning kit and I get $10 towards my next order and we all know I am making a next order lol.

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