Playdates are really Mom Dates and that’s ok.

Don’t scoff! You know it’s true! Getting your kids together to play with your friends kids is for the sole purpose of talking to another mom and her understanding you wholeheartedly when she tells you she let her kid eat a raisin off the floor, or put the baby in time out(Yes I have had to put my now 10 month old in time out! Don’t Judge) or snuck away to the bathroom and locked the door to pee alone for the first time since that child has become mobile.
I know when I was on leave after having my son the first few weeks were glorious! Waking up for feedings then taking a 4 hour nap, lounging all day and not seeing the outside world until the afternoon on days when we had to venture out for food or run errands or pick up my daughter. It was nice. I mean I got a taste of what being a stay at home mom was like well with a newborn. Then I got bored and talking to a baby who just grins at you, spits up, poops and sleeps was not as entertaining. I found myself venturing out to see my other friend who had also just had a baby on many occasions just to have adult conversation. I mean yes we live in the day of cell phones but if you have my number and we text regularly or even periodically you know I will forget we were texting until two days later and try to pick the conversation back up where we left off like nothing happened. Honestly it’s not on purpose I sometimes leave the text box up and if you text while i’m in it the phone doesn’t go off or it does and I put it down to respond later and just forget. What? I’m human dang it.
Last week I took the day off because my children’s daycare was closed and reached out to my Facebook friends to see what moms wanted to meet up for something to do. Initially I said the Jacksonville zoo or the beach but the weather has been so iffy I didn’t want to get caught in the rain. One of my friends from work took my up on that offer and we ended up taking the kids to build a bear. Yes that same build a bear! I figured the traffic had to have died down by then so why not. It was nice! I got the kids out of the house for a little while and got to catch up. We built our bears with the kids, had some lunch, chatted and it was great but that’s is why I say playdates are really mom dates. We need other moms to hear our crazy stories and tell us theirs in return. We crave solidarity and to realize the things we are experiencing other experience too. I remember when I had my daughter every other thing she did I was reaching out to my mom friends like she did this or that today is that normal? And them telling me wild and crazy tales that made me feel I had arrived, like this is what motherhood is. So no matter what type of mom you are working or stay at home just know I get it! When the thought of reading Green Eggs and Ham for the hundredth time makes you want to hide it at the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper set up a playdate, join a mommy group, or just get out of the house! We are all moms too and most of us don’t bite I promise! I mean you can also get away from the kids, tell your significant other you are going out for errands and meet up with some girlfriends for brunch. Let’s just forgo the name playdate and call it what is really is a mom date. Go ahead set up your mom date today :):)
As Always be kind guys.

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