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So as I’ve said before I am on my second child… yes child number two guys. Well with my first child we will call her the girl going forward just because. I was a first time mom, young and naive. I previously decided I wouldn’t have kids and got a breast reduction at 18 and if you saw me today you would never tell.. honestly people are always shocked when I tell them this. Anyway breastfeeding sounded cool and a great way to connect but I wasn’t sure it would work. With my less than stellar knowledge I embarked on the journey pretty much alone the hospital I delivered the girl at did not have lactation consultants there on the weekends and while the nurses know some they didn’t have the information I needed for my particular situation. I ended up giving up breast-feeding her after 3 months. This is part due to the pressure from the family to be allowed to feed her themselves, my lack of knowledge and support and because of my previous surgery.

Flash forward 4 years and I have more knowledge, I have researched, my insurance through works allows me to get a breast pump for FREE..(If you are the same try these guys instead of calling your insurance, they have more pump choices than the one or two your insurance tells you about I bought storage bags, I made it openly clear that this kid would be breastfed to not get anything confused or have to tell family no when they ask if they can feed him. The hospital I delivered at this time has lactation consultants on staff that are there every day of the week from 8am to 7pm for help. Once I delivered my son, they even brought me a nice little hand pump as well for FREE(I really like that word) Things seemed to be off to a good start. I got home we supplemented here and there but mainly the boy was attached to my boob. If he wasn’t on my boob he was in my arms. This began to concern me I mean come on eventually I will have to return to work and him to daycare. Nobody wants a spoiled baby at daycare that screams and cries all day to be held. But what can I do? It helps with bounding and also helps to produce milk. For someone who struggles with milk production these are big points to make me want to keep holding him.

Any who what I didn’t expect from my short stint BF before was the clingy, I need you in my eyesight, hold me now, cuddle me side effect. He literally stays up my butt. Don’t get me wrong I love it but sometimes I just want to poop in piece or you know breathe without his eyeballs on my eyeballs. So naturally I turn to my other mom friends to give me some insight because obviously I am doing something wrong. But apparently no this is all natural and I must bask in the baby loving. So my big question is how the hell do you get anything done???? Well my friend had the answer she simple laughed and said baby wear. Strap that baby to your chest and get shit done. Oh…ok but like with what? I have a lillebaby I loooove my lillebaby but its more for outside wearing its kinda bulky and if I am supposed to also be doing skin to skin well it makes me sweat ok. Here comes my friend forever with the answers which is why I love her. Oh just get a wrap… you know one of those cotton wraps just watch YouTube videos to see how to wrap it tight and feel secure. She of course offered me hers but it also got me wondering what are the different types of cotton wraps and which one is the best one?  Well there is the Boba, Moby, Baby K’tan, Happy, and lillebaby. You know well do your research all I can say for now is I am awaiting the wrap she will be sending me I attempted a Boba and idk if its me or the boy but we could not get that thing to work. So for now we will be lillebaby it down in the house and on the street we will lille wherever we meet!! Sorry I have a lot fo Dr. Seuss books in the house.

If you are searching for baby-wear here are a few sites.

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