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I thought blogging about First time mom experiences would help me through even if no one read my blog writing has always been my outlet to express myself and reading my favorite pastime. I am probably the best example of an introvert, until you know me for a while you never see the real me.  So I am back at it again. We’ve missed a few first and a couple bad stressful days where writing might have helped me get through but hopefully we can do better the second time around?

So last night was another first, at 15 months I made the decision to turn my daughter’s bed into a toddler bed. Which is slightly more annoying than it looked on the box when I bought the bed. So of course in situations like this I refer to my other mommie best friend since she did it first. Apparently if you do not find the exact toddler bed railing for the 3-in1 or    4-in1 crib you purchased it’s no guarantee that it will fit because like many other things we purchase the railing is sold separately. After two days or trying to find the one for my baby’s bed I gave up went to my local Wal-Mart and bought one of those white mesh toddler safety rails and hooked it up.

I grabbed my tools took down the front rail on the bed and slid in the toddler rail. I have to say I felt pretty proud of myself. Spent the rest of the day playing with my daughter eating running errands and then night-time came. We did our normal night-time routine and I placed her in the bed. Now it wasn’t immediately that she realized she could get down. she shook the railing, peered over the top watching me giggled, and just when I went to relax, she slide down and was standing next to my bed smiling. Needless to say it was a long night containing a lot of no’s stop’s lay down and sit downs and then daddy came home and we started all over again. Looks like it’s the end of this post as well because someone has woken up and waiting eagerly next to my bed again. TIl next time 🙂

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My name is Seketa, I have a daughter, son and a husband; working a full time job and attending school. This blog is about life as a young mom do's and don'ts and daily struggles hope you enjoy it :)

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