Baby Steps VS. Baby Steps

When I got home today my agenda was clear… trying to get my daughter taking at least one step on video. Now I know walking takes time and it got me to thinking everything when concerning children takes baby steps. When they first come into this world it takes baby steps to figure out their likes, dislikes, what makes them happy or sad, how to get them to stop crying and how to get them to laugh. All these things take time and patience something we all swear we don’t have, but when it comes to your tiny human all you have is time to make sure you make their lives the best ever. If you are like me I never imagined having kids after dealing with my brothers I was like NOPE not for me! But here I am little mini in tow driving me crazy most days with her laughs, cries, and her demanding attitude. When I tell you this little girl will make you pay attention to her no matter what you’re doing you better stop when she calls or she will make you stop! Anyway as I held on to those little fingers today i realized I would hold on forever, first full night of sleep, first time she crawled, first time she held her own bottle, first time she laughed, first time I heard her little cry, and all the others first because no matter how old she gets we will always be taking baby steps and growing together 🙂 Thanks for letting me vent. “Oh and she did take a few steps now we just have to get it consistent.”

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My name is Seketa, I have a daughter, son and a husband; working a full time job and attending school. This blog is about life as a young mom do's and don'ts and daily struggles hope you enjoy it :)

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