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Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays started yesterday and let me tell you it was busy!!! If you’ve been following me for a while you know my family and I just became annual passholders at Disney World and let’s just say we’ve been putting in to use. We decided a while ago about when we would take our last few trips to Disney before the new year and somehow magically it fell on the first day of the festival. We spent our Saturday in Magic Kingdom of coarse but once we found out about the festival, we figured a few hours on Sunday wouldn’t hurt.
Ok so this part is for passholders! Ok first off yes there is a new magnet and it’s our favorite funny guy Goofy! You can pick this guy up at mouse gears and they have two locations inside the shop so don’t worry. But I must tell you guys if we read it right something you may have missed out on would be the awesome passholder cookie. It was as far as I can tell advertised as one day only but keep your fingers crossed maybe it will come back around. We found this guy at taste track shortly after getting our magnets and exploring Nemo and friends so keep an eye out. If my daughter is a judge, I’d say it taste pretty good.

Anyway, like Remy from Ratatouille was the star for the food and wine festival, this time around we have Chip and Dale. So, one of the first things you are going to want to do is grab a festival passport, it provides information about all things new and fun to do for everyone. We decided to take part in the Holiday Cookie Stroll obviously and thought it would be a good opportunity to give you guys the inside scoop!
Ok! if you are planning to do this please know it will take some time. Now it could just be because it was the first day but at every location, we were met with a line some longer than others. But naturally this is like the food and wine festival and most special locations didn’t open until 11, today that was closer to 12 but again first day jitters. So, you can pick up the festival passport at any location, I would suggest getting it before you head to the first stop just in case they run out at that location. The page for the cookie stroll is located near the back and once you pay for your cookie the cashier will stamp your booklet. My husband being the Disney fanatic his is purchased the festival cookie jar hoping we could preserve the cookies in their until later but most of the cookies came out fresh and hot and the chocolate was not forgiving. If you are like him you may want to go on a cooler day or later in the evening, I mean this is Florida guys.

The first cookie location is easy to spot it is located right across from the port of entry at feast of the three kings. If you don’t know what port of entry is like do you even Epcot bro? Just kidding it is also located right next to one of the tallest Christmas Trees’ which also happens to be a festival photo opp. You will know it by the three kings located in the grass area nearby. Here you will find the red and green chocolate chip cookie. Ours was a little messy since it was fresh out the oven but still.

The second cookie is in Germany at Bavaria. If you like to meet and great you will know the spot it is located near. The Germany wishing will is a great spot to meet Snow White! Now while you wait to see if Snow White will come to sing at the wishing well you can collect your second cookie. This one is a peppermint sugar cookie. Covered in white chocolate drizzle and mini peppermint candy canes it’s as sweet as it is refreshing.

The third cookie is honestly one that I myself missed. My husband had to go back and find it since we split up after the first cookie when my daughter wanted to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride. Knowing the lines would be long I figured why not jump ahead and have them meet me on the back end. That works out great if you read through the passport! I prefer to seek. The American cookie is not located on showcase main street. I did not see it and went on to the fourth one thus my husband had to go back and find it. Sorry guys for this one no cheeky finds or photos but I was told how to find it. You will want to act like you are going into American adventures and then look to your right! Another good thing to note it is very close to where you can meet and greet Santa Claus as well. This is the green and white sugar cookie, drizzled with white chocolate again and a dash of holiday shaped sprinkles in red and green.

The fourth cookie was easy to find and probably the most enjoyable line I waited in. They were organized and on it every step of the way, two cashiers, fully staffed little shop with a take no mess employee taking you paid ticket and grab your items in a hurry. Even with having to wait on fresh cookies she kept everyone organized and even created a separate line for the cookies alone. L’Chaim! Is located between Morocco and France. My favorite cookie so far even though it is just a simple black and white cookie. Did I mention how much I love chocolate? Yum

The fifth cookie is in Canada. Now if you are like me and enjoyed food and wine you may want to make pit stop in France and grab you a spiced rum punch slush as a pick me up as you finish your quest. Frozen drinks of any kind seemed to be especially amazing from France. Anyway, Canada is where you find the fifth cookie at the Yukon holiday kitchen. Again, super easy to spot but I think the line was shorter because this one is closer to the end.

Alright now at this point you have all your stamps and it is time to get your completers cookie. This is the cookie and please don’t be mistake that you when reading the passport will think is second on this list. This is false guys this is the last cookie to get and complimentary. The rest of the cookies are $2 apiece. Now it is located back at the showcase plaza at the Holiday Sweets and Treats basically on the opposite side of where the feast of three kings is located. They even set up a window that is specifically for you to pick up the completers’ cookie. This was the only cookie all day that was not still warm from the oven and it was Mickey shaped. Plain sugar cookie with chocolate covered Mickey ears with sprinkles. This one the kids ate with no hesitation and I didn’t even get a taste! It’s fine I didn’t need the sugar rush anyway.

Now like the Ratatouille as well there is the Chip and Dale Christmas tree spree. With this you purchase the scavenger hunt items and go on the hunt to find all the items for a Christmas tree, at the end you get to pick between a pack of holiday cards. The options are Mickey, Minnie, or Figment. My daughter loves Figment so guess what we picked. Four cards to the pack, the insides are customizable with your own notes and the back page allows the recipients to create a paper ornament to hang on their Christmas tree.

All in all, it was a pretty eventful day. Oh, did I mention it was Dapper weekend? Yup that happened. I think this might be the event that slows us down on our Disney days but hopefully if you haven’t gone already this will help you on your hunt for the cookies. Regarding the scavenger hunt…. Good luck! I can’t spoil all the fun, can I?

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