2 Weeks of the rest of my life

I recently gave birth to my second child. When I say recently I mean October 30th of this year. I thought I was prepared. I knew there would be ups and downs and the break between this child and my first is about 3 years. Understand that means I’ve already gone through teething, first words, learning her personality, and the dreaded potty training. While I wasn’t able to sleep through the whole night all the time the interruptions were far and few between. Needless to say this momma is tired. Not your standard tired like heavy-duty tired. My eyes constantly hurt and I’m not completely sure if it’s mainly from the lack of sleep or the lack of blinking because while I am tired I don’t want to miss anything my son does. They say sleep while your newborn is sleeping, well that is easier said than done let me tell you. Also that whole 6 weeks in the house yeah that went out the window like day 2 when I got home. While the one kid is breastfeed and supplementing with formula the other is on solids so I can’t just allow her to starve while I sit in the house for 6 weeks. Oh goodness… Did I forget to mention yes I do have a husband/ significant other he is here….Somewhere…I think. Love him to death but I like to go grocery shopping on my own. This allows me some time to be you know… alone. I get in and get out. I coupon and maybe buy some extras that we may not need but enjoy and buy because the sale and deal is too good to pass up.  Anyway back to the rest of my life bit. I now have two little faces that look so similar to mine that I am responsible for.

Who the hell said I was equip enough to raise children?

I can tell now its going to be a bumpy ride smh. Keep reading my updates and I’ll let you know when the discover there should be rules before taking on such an important role.

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My name is Seketa, I have a daughter, son and a husband; working a full time job and attending school. This blog is about life as a young mom do's and don'ts and daily struggles hope you enjoy it :)

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