Bringing Fall to FL: Home Décor

Florida is known for many things Fall is not one of them.

So, while other areas are watching the orange leaves fall, we are just wishing for a cool breeze. But the latter half of the year is my favorite time to decorate both inside and outside the house. 

A few years ago, I did a Fall Haul of some simple things I purchased to spruce up my house and you know what I still use most of them now. 

Decorating your home doesn’t have to break the bank and it shouldn’t. Here’s some fun ways I bring fall into my home.

I purchased this faux planter in the spring and put some soil in the bottom to give it some weight. This way I can change the flowers out as the season changes and reuse the flowers as well.

What I did purchase new is this tin pumpkin from Michaels and a few more flowers to have my entrance floral on both sides. 

Then of course for my dining room table I just added some assorted pumpkins I’ve collected over the years atop this charger I found at Dollar Tree for what? yeah, a dollar!

Over the years my collection of home décor has grown which makes it easier every year to decorate and grab one or two new things to change it up.

To keep it all organized I pack it away as the seasons change well as they change in other places. If I followed Florida seasons it would be one day of winter, rain, and SUMMMMERRR(In my Olaf voice) 

Hope these tips are useful and let me know what you do to decorate your home as well in the comments. 

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