5 Easy Tips for a successful school year

As we head back to school and many head back in person parents and kids need some help getting back in the hang of things. Here are 5 easy tips to get you started.


  1. Create a bedtime routine. Summer is official over and the best way to start the school year and the day on a good note is with a good night’s sleep. You can start off with bath time roughly around the same time every day to get them in the habit and relax before bed. Allow limited tv time and even read a bedtime story. Set clear limits and expectations for the kids to know at this time that means lights out and adjust as needed (earlier or later)
  2. Prepack lunches: Lunchboxes are something that can slow down your morning routine or even be forgotten. Packing lunch, the night before takes one thing off your morning to do this.
  3. Morning jam sessions- Disney hits are a must for our car rides to school. Helps get the kids blood pumping and in a happy mood to get their day started on the right foot.
  4. Pick out clothes the night before- The first day of school kids always want to wear their brand-new clothes, shoes, and new backpack. Why not plan again the next day or for the week? Checking the temperature, the weekend ahead will help and give your kids the options to pick between a few options to get them in on the organization as well.
  5. Give yourself and the kids grace. Back to school after summer break is hard and after the last year and a half, we’ve had a doozy. Some may be going back in person for the first time in over a year, some still virtual but no matter what it will be a great school year. 


Getting back into the groove can be difficult for the kids and for us too. Soak up all the tips but put your own spin on them too.

I’ve connected with some amazing bloggers to share some Back to school tips! Getting back into a schedule, school supplies, diy projects, etc. Head to each of their pages to check out what they are sharing!


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  1. Loved all of these tips, Seketa!
    Routines, jam session, and prepared lunches definitely are a big help for getting out the door and having a great school day! 😍

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