VP3 at home: Tools and tips

Back to School

School has started back in our county and Covid is still a major concern. I finally sent my son back to daycare when school started again but wanted to share some of the tips and materials we used over the last year to help him learn from home.

At the end of 2019 school year when everyone went virtual my son was still actively learning right along side his sister. My daughter’s teacher had no issues with him joining in on the meeting calls, he loved watching all the videos and counting but he also needed nap time and to understand not to exit the team meetings and give his sister space while she did her school work. I know COVID is not a valid reason to say my son fell behind before he even started school.

In pops Pinterest and friends and Facebook post about learning boards so I stocked up. It took me a few stores and a couple of trips but I managed to make my guy two boards to help him learn and grow.

Find all the things

The majority of these items I found at Target in their back to school section and of course their regular school supply section. If you go with a cork board grab thumb tacks not push pins! I literally purchased two packs of push pins because I kept thinking of them instead of thumbs tacks.


The basics I wanted to teach I highlighted on the poster board and items I could change out I added to the cork board. Simply put he needs to learn his ABC’s and numbers. But let’s try the seasons, determine the weather, days of the week, understanding our left from our right and of coarse our feelings. I’ve linked where I was able to locate all these items and some website that provide free printables as well because you can’t have too many things to let little kids write and color on.

We are living the new normal let’s make the best of it.

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