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Simple Cleaning Tips For Kids

Keeping a house clean with little kids is a never ending task. Kids don’t care about a clean house, or swept floors, or even made up beds. All the care about is having fun and being happy. 

This is why it took me so long to come up with chores for my kiddos to do. I wanted them to be easy enough to achieve but also mean something to them and me. But alas we are beginning the process of looking for our forever home and moving so I want the kids to understand the word mom is not the same as maid. 

I created a short list of age appropriate chores I believe appropriate for them to achieve for their age. Simple items like picking up their toys and clothes before bed. We also have a bunny that is located in my daughter’s room so her first task of the day is to feed the bunny.


We’ve had a chalkboard announcement board since Sky was small and put it to use for many reasons. Even though my son can’t read yet I still took the time to write out his chores as well. 

I want the kids to get use to this schedule and understand their daily task especially before we head into another school year. Each day I ask if their chores have been completed before they get ready for bed and if not we run through them together. This keeps them on their mind that they need to be done everyday. 

Is it fun? Not always.

Do they sometimes cry and complain? Of course but I am sticking to my guns and it has really made a difference in the number of tasks I have to complete. 

If you’re wondering what our schedule looks like all gussied up check the link below. You can download, edit, and print a version that works for your home as well. 

A few key points to remember:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Make them age appropriate
  3. Reiterate the need to complete them everyday.
  4. Lend a hand to make sure they stay on task and get completed.
  5. Give them grace.

Everyone will be learning on a curve so don’t stress it too much. Hope these tips help.



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