Things I didn’t know would become essential: Growing pains of quarantine

No this is not a post about toilet paper I promise. Funny enough we have not run out or had the need to go hunting some down as our Saturday adventure but who knows the quarantine is still young. My beautifully charming daughter bless her little soul has undergone the growth spurt of all growth spurts which has left this mama all out of sorts. During what was initially a voluntary and high risk stay at home order she celebrated her sixth birthday. You remember that time right where most people were not really concerned and then Disney World shut down. Seems like forever ago now especially as we discuss the end of the school year and things like virtual graduations. Even though it is only kindergarten I am already working on trying to create something special for my girl to celebrate this big moment.

Flash forward to a week after her birthday and at this point it was no longer a voluntary option to stay home but mandatory only venturing out for essential items such as food and household needs(remember toilet paper). Stores were now limiting entry and dedicated certain hours a day to essential employees and high-risk customers only. Here I was with my sweet precious girl who could no longer fit anything she owned.


I’m talking shorts, pants, pjs(which yes, we’ve been living in) even down to her underwear! For me I went from someone who never thought they would be in a time like this to explaining to my husband that yes, we did leave the house today. Yes, we did go to Target but not for toilet paper or food but for girl’s undies.


So, I’m currently crying to my best friend as I pack up a dresser full of clothes to pass down to her daughters and scavenger hunt for clothes in her size. Might sound crazy to some but a positive aside from still being employed during this time would have to be for me all the stores and business promoting sales and discounts to help keep their business thriving. Hello Target, Walmart, The Children’s Place, Carters and Old Navy. Shipping may be delayed and drive up or store pick up may take longer than normal but you all are helping me clothing my growing family. I know we have some time still left as we hope to keep flattening the curve but if the boy child starts displaying the same traits I’m going to need to work some additional overtime or something to afford this all star team. So, if you are experiencing the same thing with your children know you are not alone, and we only have ourselves to blame because we know exactly what they’ve been eating we’ve been eating it too.

But hey a good deal can save the day! When I find a good deal i try to remember to post on my Ltk profile too in case you need some more of my brand of Nifty. 

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